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Wacholdas ?! GmbH Murre Gin, An Award Winning Carrot Gin from Sankt Augustin

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Bärbel and Ralph Gemmel are the makers of the spirits, Frank Ginsberg is the distiller.

In addition to juniper and carrot, only five other botanicals come to Gin – “keep it simple” is the motto here.  The gin comes from Sankt Augustin-Hangelar in the Rhineland. In the past, carrots were cultivated here because of the sandy heathland surrounding the Hangelar airfield, which has been in operation since 1909. They wanted to create a product with local flavor, Murre (Rhenish for carrots) Gin. The Murre Gin is definitely a homage to their Rhenish roots – “Remember where you come from”.

Since its launch in August 2018, more than 1700 bottles have been produced, and currently the fifth batch is on the market. The so-called “small batches” comprise between 300 and 400 bottles per filling and are handmade. In addition to juniper, for example, carrots, orange peel and peppermint are also used, with a total of seven components responsible for the sweet-fruity aroma of the murre gin (“keep it simple”). The juniper remains dominant, they want a classic gin. The Murre Gin with 44% Vol. Has enough power to be perceived in Gin & Tonic.

Very Recently, Wacholdas ?! GmbH has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won a gold medal in this competition:

Murre Gin

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The nose is very good juniper, on the palate then also clearly juniper, followed immediately by fresh orange and mint notes. Then a pleasant sweetness spreads, a subtle sharpness is palpable. The finish is quite long, while keeping the fresh sweetness and now comes the carrot taste in the light. It is altogether a mild Gin, which remains however with 44% Vol. Also in the Tonic not hidden and perceptible.

Importers and Distributors looking for the best Gin in the world!

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