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Dennis Busch starts Veedel Distillers UG – Linden no. 4 in 2017. Their farm is located in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The idea originated in the Kölschbar on the Lindenstraße in Cologne. After countless attempts at home on a small still they have created their unique recipe.

The Linden No.4 is a very flowery fruity dry gin that meets all the criteria of a London Dry Gin. It is produced in a particularly aroma-friendly distillation process in small batches.
As soon as you open the bottle, you will be greeted by the pleasant notes of rose and camomile. Due to its mild and rounded taste, the Linden No.4 Dry Gin pure is very digestible. If you add it to a tonic, the fruity aromas of the blackcurrant stand out in particular.

The real “Birthplace” of the Linden No. 4., is cologne, because two of the four “makers” are running there on the lindenstraße! The “Cologne Bar”, where the idea of gin was also raised from the baptism. 8 Botanicals are used, which have been finely matched. In addition to the wacholderbeere, these are violet roots, kardamon, coriander, Rose Blossoms, Chamomile, cherry blossoms and black currant. The result is a floral-flavoured gin with a gentle taste.

Behind the Veedel Distillers are the 4 friends Dennis Busch, Marc Schmidt, malt böttges and Stefan Peters. The history of the alchemists linden is freely invented, but the long journey to develop its recipe is similar to that of the d. R. Linden In 1895. in many experiments and sleepless nights, they created the secret recipe of their own cuisine on a small silence in the local kitchen. Linden No. 4 Gin.

This 2019, Veedel Distillers has joined Singapore Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won a 2 gold medals in this competition:

Linden n°4 – Dry Gin

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


Experience the pleasant floral scent of Linden No. 4 – Dry Gin, combined with a particularly mild taste.

The floral-scented gin with the gentle taste. Enjoy pure, or use as a base for great cocktails and long drinks.

The Linden No.4 Dry Gin greets you with a voluminous and floral bouquet. Alcohol is not very strong in the nose, rather smooth. The juniper is standing back to let the chamomile and elder flower take to the stage. The mix with rose blossoms makes it a fresh experience, but not too herbal.


Linden n°4 – Red Gin

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


The floral fragrant, fruity gin liqueur based on blackcurrants. The gentle taste of the Linden No. 4 Dry Gin is preserved due to its gentle aging, making this liqueur a very special spirit. Enjoy pure, or use as a base for great cocktails and long drinks.

The new Sloe Gin “Ruby Red”

A fine floral liqueur based on the Linden no. 4 – Dry Gin.

The basis for the fruity aroma are blackberries, with a particularly mild taste.


For more information about Veedel Distillers please CLICK HERE:

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