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Sabores da Soalheira : A cheese factory dedicated to the art, tradition and craft of making cheese for over three generations

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Sabores da Soalheira is a cheese factory situated in the Beira Baixa region, brand of a family business, dedicated to the art, tradition and craft of making cheese for over three generations.

In one way of another the secret of making cheese passes from generation to generation.

In 1997 the family business was recovered and adapted to the needs and demands of that time. Since then Sabores da Soalheira searches for quality products to ensure total customer satisfaction, without losing the taste for tradition and the “know-how” taught by previous generations. Sabores da Soalheira has hand-picked some of the best milk suppliers in the countryside surrounding region.

More recently, due to the need to adapt and to increase the capacity of production in order to meet an increasing demand of the products, Sabores da Soalheira moved to new premises that provide the necessary conditions, adapted to the new needs of the company and the current requirements. The tradition continues and the treatment of the cheese is still made by hand, ensuring the quality, flavor and texture of the original recipe.

Very recently,  Sabores da Soalheira has joined Singapore Newspaper Taste Awards 2019 and won a Gold and a Silver Medal in this competition:

Queijo Beira Baixa Castelo Branco DOP Sabores da Soalheira

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Ripened cheese-soft paste or semi-hard paste. Slightly yellow, with some irregular holes, obtained by depletion of the curds, after coagulation of the raw sheep milk, by thistle action.

Queijo Beira Baixa Amarelo DOP Sabores da Soalheira

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Ripened cheese, hard to extra hard paste, slightly crumbly, creamy, from dark yellow to Orange in colour, with some irregular holes, obtained by prolong cure (minimum 90 days). The milk comes from the Baira Baixa geografical region.

For more information about Sabores da Soalheira  please CLICK HERE:

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