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Huitres Amélie Oyster Spéciale de Claire : One of the best Oysters in the world.

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The history of oysters Marennes Oléron dates back to Roman times. The large families close to the emperor provided themselves with oysters for their banquets.

The recovery of the old salines, which became obsolete at the end of the 19th century, marks the beginning of the modern era and Marennes Oléron oysters.

In 1922, the oysters underwent a great epidemic, which ended in the total distribution of the species. Soon, the Portuguese oyster, acclimatizing very well to the area, replaces the original oyster Marennes Oléron. In 1967, a second epidemic virtually wiped out the entire French oyster farm. This time, it is a Japanese oyster that is implanted, and it is still she who, today, is refined in the clear, for the pleasure of all.

According to experts and international gourmets, Amélie is one of the best oysters in the world. And this 2019, Huitres Amélie has won a gold medal in Singapore Taste Award Competition.

Amélie specializes in the production and marketing of “Fine de Claire” and “Special Fine Fine” oysters from Marennes Oléron. Through a demanding qualitative production process and an exclusive and selective network, we distribute our selection of Amélie oysters.

Amélie satisfies the connoisseurs and gourmets palates as well as the neophytes, bringing them a privileged and unique tasting experience.

To feed, the oyster has developed a system of filtration of seawater through its gills that allow him to choose food and also to breathe.
The oyster is a herbivorous animal that evolves perfectly in water rich in micro-algae and phytoplankton. This type of diet promotes its growth and reproduction. Once the phytoplankton is captured by the gills, it is directed to the mouth and to facilitate digestion, the oyster has developed a mortar system consisting of crushing and grinding the micro-algae.

Claire’s Amélie Special

The Claire Special is selected by the oyster farmer for its more concave shape that has a larger flesh volume. It enhances the quality of its shell (mother of pearl and hardness) during a ripening of a minimum month and a density of 10 oysters / m2.

The flavor is refined and become more balanced in water, salt and iodine. The proportion of meat contained is higher than a standard Fine de Claire oyster with a fill index greater than 10.
The selection before and during the ripening allows the producer to eliminate the weakest oysters and thus guarantees a quality of flesh and a visual flawless hull.

The  Special clear of  is the preferred product by consumers who appreciate oysters very fleshy with a milder flavor and less iodine.

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