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Château ESCOT : Produces wines that are well-balanced

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The Chateau ESCOT are situated in a soil-rich region with a water source. It is one of Médoc’s oldest vineyards, having been in use for 150 years! M Bartosek and M Richard Moravek, two Czechs, purchased it in July 2019. Mr. Bartosek is a renowned wine importer who also operates two well-known restaurants in Prague. Mr. Moravek is a real estate manager who is a wine passionated. They also want to renovate the technical area and tools in order to develop their winemaking.

They recently participated in the Singapore Wines Awards 2021 and were awarded a Gold Medal Award:

FORET ESCOT- 2ND LABEL MERLOT / AOC MEDOC 2016 has been recognized and awarded gold by Singapore Newspaper.

The new owners will also expand the range by adding a high-quality Cuvee / wine called Trésor Escot “Treasure Escot,” as well as a white wine called Fontaine Escot “Fountain of Escot,” which will be on the market in 3-4 years, and whose vineyard was planted of Sauvignon Gris vines , Sauvignon Blanc vines and Semillon vines last spring.

They’ve also released their Foret Escot “Forest Escot,” a new name for Chateau Privera Le Tertre’s second label, which has more merlot in the blend, making it fruitier and allowing it to mature faster.

To see more of their products, you may visit their website at https://chateau-escot.eu/

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