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Discover the Essence of Chilean Wine: Viñedos Puertas LTDA’s Exquisite Collection

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Viñedos Puertas LTDA, a family-owned wine producer based in Curico Valley, Chile, has made a name for itself in the Asia Wines and Beverages Market by winning 10 Gold Medal Awards and a Silver Medal Award at the Singapore Awards 2023. The company’s flagship product, the Picardia Carménère 2020, Picardia Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, Lujuria Reserva Chardonnay Viognier 2021, Lujuria Sauvignon Blanc 2022, El Milagro Reserva Carménère 2017, El Milagro Reserva Syrah 2019, Aguanegra Gran Reserva Petit Verdot 2020, Aguanegra Gran Reserva Cabernet Franc 2020, Caballo Azul Reserva Especial Barricas 2020, and Huasu Carménère Reserva Especial de Barricas 2019, have received international recognition for their exceptional quality.

Founded in 1950 by Jose Puertas Pons, Viñedos Puertas has grown to become one of the most important wine producers in the central zone of Chile, with 80 hectares of fields irrigated by water flowing from the Andes Mountains and a one-million-liter capacity winery known as El Milagro. The company has focused on selling grapes and bulk wines, as well as custom winemaking, lending its services to the country’s largest winemakers and fomenting employment and development in the surrounding region.

Viñedos Puertas is committed to producing high-quality wines that exceed the expectations of its customers. The company starts by selecting the best terroir and varieties, clones, and rootstocks according to climate and soil conditions. When the harvest time arrives, the grapes are processed in a modern wine cellar equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly qualified personnel. The fermentation takes place inside temperature-controlled stainless-steel barrels and epoxy concrete tanks with temperature-regulating plates, which allows the company to consistently produce high-quality wines.

The wines are stored at controlled temperatures in epoxy cement and/or stainless steel tanks, and reserve wines are kept in barrels made from French oak for a period determined by the oenologist. The wines are bottled following a schedule based on type and variety and then stored in an acclimatized cellar, where they await their final shipment. Viñedos Puertas exports its wines to several countries, including Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Slovenia, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland.

Viñedos Puertas’ vision is to consolidate its position in the international market as a company committed to exceeding the expectations of its customers with high-quality products. The company operates sustainably and follows ethical practices directed toward its employees and clients, in accordance with all current legal norms and regulations.

In conclusion, Viñedos Puertas LTDA is a family-run business that has established itself as one of the most important wine producers in the central zone of Chile. With its focus on producing high-quality wines that exceed customer expectations, the company has won several awards and gained international recognition. Its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, along with its use of the latest technology and highly qualified personnel, ensures that Viñedos Puertas will continue to produce exceptional wines for years to come.

To learn more about Viñedos Puertas and explore their range of exquisite wines, visit their website at https://vinedospuertas.cl/.

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