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San Marzano Vini S.p.A. : Wine Sharing Beauty, a well-known winemaker from Puglia from Puglia Region

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San Marzano is a well-known winemaker from Puglia, located in the heel of Italy’s boot. Cantine San Marzano started in 1962, when 19 vine growers from the village of San Marzano, whose families had farmed the land for decades, banded together to pursue their dream. It has expanded significantly over the years and now attracts over 1,200 high-quality vine growers.

The vines are grown with the utmost regard for the vineyard’s natural rhythm. The native grapes are grown in the lovely Puglian countryside, where gentle sea breezes, azure blue skies, and sun-kissed vines produce ripe, juicy fruit that bursts with flavor.

San Marzano produces elegant and clean wines that pay homage to ancient Puglian wine practices using modern vinification techniques. Wines with distinct varietal characteristics that embody the nature of the local terroir are produced as a result of this fusion of time-honored custom, passion, and contemporary craftsmanship.

The Primitivo and San Marzano has helped to raise the prestige and profile of the Primitivo grape by making world-class wines and iconic labels. Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria DOP, for example, is the product of the President’s imagination, Mr. Francesco Cavallo, who was determined to make a new wine that could convey the purity of the Primitivo grape in a new way.

Very recently, San Marzano Vini S.p.A. has been recognized and awarded by Singapore Newspaper FOUR GOLD Medal Awards and TWO Silver Medal Awards:

Timo Vermentino Salento Igp 2020

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Between the Ionian Sea and the rocky shore,
wild THYME bushes trust the wind with their scent.

A wine that keeps the essence of the Mediterranean maquis: its delicate flowers, the fierce sun and the strong wind.

It is crisp and it loves seafood.

Tramari Rosé di Primitivo Salento Igp 2020

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Made from Primitivo grapes, Tramari is an elegant and light rosé wine. It comes from the light and the winds of our summers, between the two seas of the Salento.

Collezione Cinquanta Vino Rosso d’Italia +5

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

More than 50 years ago 19 winemakers planted their most ambitious dream. Every drop of this red wine from their land celebrates their hope, their daring and their intuition.

Anniversario 62 Primitivo di Manduria Dop Riserva 2017

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

In 1962, 19 winemakers, determined to demonstrate the high potential of wines from Salento, founded “Cantine San Marzano”. A long time has passed since then, yet their old vines still produce rare and precious grapes. Our job is to pick and enhance them, with a pinch of experience and a handful of innovation. The result is this intense, elegant Primitivo that ages well.

F Negroamaro Salento Igp 2019

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Searched long and hard among the oldest Negramaro vineyards of Salento for the perfect grapes to express the soul of this noble vine. We selected only three vineyards and “F” is the name we chose to give them. “F” as in Feudi di San Marzano. A part of our history, this letter has become a mark of quality for Negramaro, a symbol of our passion for this ancient and challenging grape.

Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria Dop 2017

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

In San Marzano, the history of viticulture is more than a thousand years old and can be seen in its oldest vineyards, which are rich in centuries-old clones. From this precious heritage of vineyards that are more than sixty years old comes a wine that is the most beautiful story our territory has to tell.

For more information about San Marzano Vini S.p.A. please CLICK HERE:

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