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Baghi’s : A gourmet made by hand. An original sweet dessert, a real treat.

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Baghi’s is the adventure of Fabio and Riccardo, two lovers of good food in search of new gourmet flavors. They use in their recipes simple, naturally tasty ingredients, and ban all additives, preservatives and other artificial supplements of the industry. True purists, but especially great enthusiasts.

They were trying to make their panettones a little more “tasty”. With their gourmet Pandolci, we can say that it is rather successful! They are present here in 4 versions of their assortment, the most interesting for to taste.

The Panettone is perhaps the sweet one we are most fond of. It may be because it was the very idea of ​​making a real Artisan Panettone that pushed us to create Baghi’s or perhaps because we have always been fond of it but with difficulty in the market we found a Artisan Panettone made with quality raw materials and leavened with only live yeast.

The use of raw materials is essential for a good Panettone: Italian stone-milled flour, leavening with ONLY live mother yeast, butter obtained by centrifuge and fresh eggs, real ones, in shell and from local farms, split one by one , separating yolk and egg white manually, just like once.

If only high quality raw materials are used, for the panettone or for any other food, additives, dyes or other chemical “helpers” are not needed, which may not be so good for health. The Panettone must simply be the fruit of good ingredients, so much dedication and above all a lot of patience in waiting for the time needed for leavening.

We love the panettone and the dove but we wanted a sweet leavened with only live yeast that was pleasant at all times of the year, the PANDOLCI. To make it even more delicious we decided to combine it with some wines or liqueurs that, on special occasions, we loved to taste ourselves. This idea gave birth to our Pandolci, that is to say leavened cakes with sourdough, produced with only Italian stone-ground flour, obviously not refined, and the other characteristic ingredients of panettone and colomba, but enriched, after cooking , from some goodies from the world of wines and spirits. And on the label we want to indicate which “gem” we have chosen to give the precise indication of what we have chosen, because we do not choose random products or mix of wines or bagne or liquors not well identified as often happens.

Baghi’s pandolci are therefore leavened desserts, with a consistency similar to panettone or colomba, to which, after being taken out of the oven, the alcohol that goes best with the fruit chosen for the dough is added.

This 2019, Baghi’s has joined Singapore Newspaper Taste Awards 2019 and won a Gold Medal and a  Silver Medal in this competition.

Baker Mule Pandolce

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Ingredients: stone milled type 1 durum wheat flour, fresh sourdough, baghi’s lemon confit, candied ginger, Belgian butter, water, egg yolk from ground hens, sugar, Gin Acqueverdi La Valdostaine, salt.

Tasting: brioche soaked, precise notes of Alpine gin botany.

Maraschino Pandolce

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Ingredients: stone milled type 1 durum wheat flour, fresh sourdough, candied pears, Belgian butter, water, egg yolk from ground hens, sugar, Maraschino Luxardo, salt.

Tasting: sublime sweetness, well balanced, not too sweet. A fine treat.

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