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Azienda Agricola Venturini Paolo : Italian finest oil, Garda D.O.P. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

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Today, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered a foodstuff to all effects by nutritionists, food sector operators and restaurateurs. The idea of olive oil as just a dressing has long been superseded. Extra-virgin olive oil consists of more than 98% Triglycerides, which is to say Lipids (the saponifiable part) while the rest (non-saponifiable) is made up of more than 200 highly important chemical substances such as Hydrocarbons, Liposoluble Vitamins and Phenols… These are the nutritional components of the oil. Extra-virgin olive oil is very rich in Vitamin E, which further strengthens our immunity system and, combating the radical liberals, protects us from cell aging.

Azienda Agricola Venturini Paolo a 20 hectares of olive groves. The cultivation system is partly traditional policonical vase and partly monocone. An overall 10.000 trees of 7/8 different cultivars, planted mainly in the soil of Desenzano, Padenghe and Maguzzano. We grow only the kind of olives necessary for the production of Garda D.O.P. extra-virgin olive-oil.

The Lake Garda territory, the Casaliva, the main Garda varietal, finds its ideal habitat in this sub-zone, where the lake is widest and less windswept. And here the terroir dictates its law, making both zone and oil unique. Altitude (100 metres above sea level), temperatures mitigated by the lake, soil rich in sand and pebbles, a northern latitude and special varieties of olive trees mean that blends can be obtained whose flavour wholly reflects the land where the olives are grown.

Garda Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has always been universally acknowledged as an exceptional oil, especially when it accompanies certain dishes. Its freshness and delicacy are increasingly appreciated throughout Europe. They are duty bound, in the face of such a prestigious image, to admit that production is fairly small: They need only recall that in commercial terms Garda extra-virgin olive oil is not even 1% of national production. This is the main reason why it is relatively difficult to find on foreign markets.

What unites all producers of Garda DOP Oil is a strong conviction and a constant reconfirmation of qualitative excellence. Here, as in other Regions of Italy, there are young companies that work well and daily increase the image of Italian Oil worldwide.

The high quality of this Garda Oil, today a niche product, is constantly supervised by its own Consortium and by a Certificating Body on the basis of a production discipline which is among the strictest in Italy, approved by EC Regulations 2081/92. The regulations establish permitted olive varieties, registration of the groves, the boundaries of the production areas, the maximum production per hectare and the chemical and organoleptic parameters. The Certifying Body draws up the checking plan for admissibility of a product to the DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) and for marketing methods.

If an oil is to obtain D.O.P. certification there is an obligatory organoleptic evaluation carried out by a group of expert tasters (the so-named panel test ). This evaluation results in the oil being assigned a score. Only oils with a score of seven or greater can use the name DOP.

This 2019, Azienda Agricola Venturini Paolo has joined Singapore Newspaper Taste Awards 2019 and won Gold Medal in this competition.

Garda D.O.P. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The best expression of production and company philosophy. It is made from olives that are carefully selected for type and quality, the same that have made Olio del Garda famous for decades. With a warm, luminous golden color enhanced by pale green overtones, the oil is endowed with a lively, pleasantly persistent bouquet accompanied by a fresh and healthly scent of olives.

One is struck by the memory of newly mown meadows, aromatic herbs and apple. It makes a good first impression in the mouth. It enters like velvet and reveals a balanced and well-rounded structure. Its taste is initially elegant and pleasantly sweet, immediately followed by a body of significant depth.

Sweet almond and pine nuts, a joy to the palate, gradually give way, blending with a polite bitter-spicy tone. It finds its best use in the preparation of appetizers based on fresh and saltwater fish, molluscs, thinly-sliced whitefish.

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