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1000 Lakes : The highest quality natural Honeys from Masurian Apiaries.

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1000 Lakes are natural honeys from Masurian apiaries. The clean environment of the Warmia and Mazury region creates favorable conditions for the fact that bees produce the highest quality Polish honey against the background of picturesque landscapes, whose taste and nutritional values ​​are appreciated by consumers around the world. 1000 Lakes honeys are extremely dense, just as nature wanted. We do not add water to them, and the nectar collected by the bees comes from Masurian, non-GMO plants. Our products are created in harmony with nature and ethics, thanks to which you get tasty, healthy and safe for your health honey.

Elegant shapes of jars, subdued colors and carefully refined graphic details make 1000 Lakes honey ideal for a luxury gift. The characteristic element of each container into which we pour our honey is the white and red Polish flag. It is a proud addition symbolizing the rich tradition of beekeeping in this country.

1000 Lakes honey are crystallized. This natural reaction guarantees that the honeys have not been diluted with water. The change from liquid to solid occurs when, after a few months, the simple sugar crystals contained in honey begin to accumulate.

During the transformation, there are no changes in the biological structure, nor do the nutritional values ​​decrease. Honey preserves the health richness given by nature one hundred percent. To restore it to liquid form, simply heat it to a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

This 2019, 1000 Lakes has joined Singapore Newspaper Awards 2019 and won two gold medal in this competition:

Raw buckwheat honey

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Raw linden honey

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

1000 Lakes vision is to build a strong brand that Poles could be proud of and may immediately think of 1000 Lakes, whenever they are asked to give examples of Polish companies which are famous in the world.

Importers and Distributors, what are you waiting for?

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