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Wafflextra Ltd. / Waffle Maker Akın : The best highest quality waffles in Turkey.

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Waffle Maker Akın is a Wafflextra brand. The entire concept, including name, brand, design, product development and operation, was produced and implemented by Wafflextra in 1994. For their guests, they prepare every waffle with the same care every day with our special products, they use the highest quality chocolates and the freshest fruits, work with trained and experienced craftsmen and offer each waffle with the same flavor.

Waffle-maker Akın offers delightful delicious waffles in a friendly atmosphere where everyone will feel as comfortable, happy and peaceful as everyone else’s home.

Waffle-maker Akın’s primary goal is to be the first brand that comes to mind when you say “Waffle and happiness.. Healthy, clean, 100% domestic, environmentally friendly and modern restaurants to produce delicious waffles, to deliver to customers with flawless customer satisfaction.

Waffle-maker Akın’s mission is to maintain their pioneering and leading position and established sales points by using different product groups and different presentation techniques. Waffle-maker Akın’s vision is to bring the taste of Waffle with the unique scents of their special blends to more people; to the world with delicious, clean and high quality products.

This 2019 Waffle-maker Akın has joined Singapore Newspaper Taste Awards and won a silver medal in this comptition:

Waffle Mix

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper


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