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Schwarzbräu GmbH : Special and Mild Beers with an Outstanding Uniqueness, Germany’s most award-winning brewery

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As a family brewery Schwarzbräu with its owner “Leopold Schwarz” is known as Germany’s most awarded brewery. Since the first medal in 1954, the Bavarians won nearly 700 medals and honors for their beers. Even more special than these extraordinary number of medals is the fact that Schwarzbräu runs its own malthouse. Only 3 breweries in Southern Bavaria make their own malt.

They brew the Schwarzbräu beer specialties in Zusmarshausen in the Augsburg district with passion and joy. Handpicked ingredients, malt from the brewery’s own malting house, as well as artisan brewing. This claim has made us Germany’s most award-winning brewery.

With this key-ingredient in own hands, Schwarzbräu is able to make special and mild beers with an outstanding uniqueness. All the beers of Schwarzbräu are made strictly according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 – without using PVPP-filtration or pasteurization. The brewery put high value in combining traditional recipes with modern techniques. Several employees work in the brewery for more than 25 years and higher.

The brewery on the market square has been family-owned for generations. At the age of 23, Konrad Schwarz sen., Grandfather of the current owner Leopold, took over the property on the market square in 1927 and devoted himself entirely to the art of brewing beer. With lasting success.

The newest product is a classic Bavarian Helles, known as “Marie Hausbrendel Hell“. It is a typical Bavarian Lager as it is served in the pubs in Bavaria. It’s classically brewed – without pasteurization. Matured at 0°C for a time of eight weeks. The light golden color is pure joy and shines bright in the traditional Bavarian Willi-Becher. The brewer’s daughter “Marie Hausbrendel” was born in Augsburg in the Golden Twenties and was a famous host in the Schwarzbräu Bräustüberl later on. She was the Grandmother of today’s owner of Schwarzbräu Leopold Schwarz. So this beer is a tribute to his grandma.

Very recently, Schwarzbräu GmbH has joined Singapore Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition 2020 and won Four Gold Medal and Two Gold Medal in this prestigious competition. Here are the list of Beers :

Marie Hausbrendel Hell

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The new Schwarzbräu “Marie Hausbrendel” spoils with a pleasantly fresh and mature taste.

Schwarzbräu Exquisit

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Fine light malt from two-row Bavarian summer barley and the cold, long storage give the exquisit its fine flavor – the pleasant note emphasizes the Hallertau hops.

Schwarzbräu Weissbier Dunkel

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Dark malt gives this rarity its real, malty aromatic taste. The complex aromas of top fermentation combine ideally with the mild spice of dark malt.

Schwarzbräu Dunkel Export

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Dark brewed malt characterizes the full-bodied malt aroma. This malt is not only dried conventionally, but also lightly roasted at over 100ºC.

Schwarzbräu Weissbier Hell

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper


The lively yeast wheat beer owes its lively, yeast-flowery aroma to the top-fermenting yeast. The natural cloudiness contains many vitamins and valuable protein. A top-fermented wheat beer brewed from Bavarian wheat malt.

Schwarzbräu Schweden Pils

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

The best Tettnanger aroma hop gives this pilsner the exclusive, harsh hint of hops. The cold fermentation and long cold storage guarantee a special kind of Pils. Ideally enjoyable from the bottle!

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