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The Special Character Of Roshain Gin

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Roshain stands for sensuality, strength of character and for their homeland.

Gin is a perfect example that the versatile botanicals are critical to the overall result. No wonder, considering that gin can actually be enriched with any fine botanical.

Roshain Gin is really unique in the world of gin and opens up a completely new way of looking at the great variety and virtuoso range of flavors of the popular juniper spirit.

There are many myths and legends surrounding the Siebengebirge. There are many mysterious places to discover – such as the Rosenau castle ruins, home of the legendary Roshain. The myth of the beautiful virgin Roshain, who was seductive-sensual and resolute-powerful at the same time, inspired us to create our Siebengebirge Dry Gin.

The Legend Of The Virgin Of The Rosenau

An old legend from the Siebengebirge is the cornerstone of our Roshain Gin. In the Middle Ages she played on the Rosenau. Experience the myth yourself and visit the Rosenau castle ruins on the Rosenau mountain in the heart of the Siebengebirge nature reserve in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is located in the urban area of ​​Königswinter between the Nonnenstromberg and the Großer Ölberg.

Very recently, Roshain Gin has joined Singapore Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition 2020 and won Gold Medal Award in this prestigious competition:

Roshain Siebengebirge Dry Gin

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Roshain Gin is a myth to enjoy. Enjoy its unique taste pure, on ice or whatever you like. We have made Roshain Gin with the greatest care. The bottle contains 200 ml.

For more information about Roshain Gin please CLICK HERE:

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