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Distillerie Tessendier : A Modern Cognac with a Twist

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Since 1880, Tessendier Distillery represents the passionate expertise of the Domaine’s heirs and unique ancestral know-how. Distillerie Tessendier century-old cellars on the banks of the Charente river guarantee the optimal aging of cognacs with their moisture. Every day, They taste dozens of eaux-de-vie qualities from the finest cognac soils to select and create more than 1,000 assemblages a year. Distillerie Tessendier products, today is known worldwide, and are the result of their inspiration and a shared complicity. As trends change, they adapt the know-how to new spirits such as rum.

With the benefit of a gifted expertise inherited from their history, Jérôme and Lilian TESSENDIER, fourth-generation Cellar Masters.

Since 2006, the Distillerie TESSENDIER has been putting in place a management and control system for security and foodstuffs quality. Production is organised in accordance with the strict process written by certification organizations (IFS) : procedures are written, set up and controlled by the quality engineer.

The Distillerie TESSENDIER has 15,000 small oak barrels coming from the Limousin forest, with a capacity of 350 to 400 liters each. The total storage capacity equals 115,000 hectolitres which represents potentially 15 to 20 million marketable bottles per year.

In all, the Distillerie TESSENDIER owns 14 cellars for a total area of 161,400 sq ft, part of a 12-acre property.

The latest addition to the Cognac Park family is the Cognac Park Mizunara that is entirely made up of grapes that come exclusively from one vineyard in the Borderies region.

This particular vineyard in the Borderies region was chosen as it holds one of the best terroirs in the cognac-making country. Its outstanding variety of grapes also made a sweet and well-rounded Eaux-de-vie with a floral hint of violets. The distilled spirit shows strong characters that promises to age well in oak barrels.

The distilled spirit is left to age in French oak barrels made with wood from the Limousin Forest before getting a finish in the highly prized Mizunara oak barrels. Mizunara is a rare varietal of oak that is found only in Japan. The porous wood is used to make premium Mizunara casks that is used to age rare Japanese whiskies.

The Mizunara barrels enhances the soft, round taste and floral notes of the Borderies cognac, bringing more depth and complexity though the addition of pleasant spice to the flavours of the liquid.

Very recently, Distillerie Tessendier, has joined Singapore Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition 2020 and won 2 gold medal. Here are the list of Cognac :


Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The Cognac Park Mizunara 10 Years Old goes through a similar process as its original counterpart, the only difference being that the distillate spends ten years ageing in 400 litres French oak barrels before it is finished in new 500 litres Mizunara casks for nine months and bottled at 44% abv.

Nose: Full aromatic palate, with soft floral elements typical of a Borderies Cognac such as violet. You will also notice notes of acacia, nougat, sweet mango, quince and dried apricots.

Palate: Soft, round taste with a power of culmination on the palate. Finish in Japanese oak casks brings depth, with complex and spicy notes such as white pepper, licorice, cinnamon, and vanilla. A marriage of flavors that makes for an exclusive product.


Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Just like the two lions guarding the temple, Lilian and Jérôme Tessendier drew on expertise inherited from four generations to create the COGNAC XO GRAND BREUIL.

Primarily Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne with a hint of Borderies, this cognac reveals surprising richness and mellowness. Connoisseurs will remember the sensation of a precious nectar, seared in the memory thanks to wonderful length on the palate.

Vanilla, caramelised apricots, cigar leaves, ginger – the list of flavours and fragrances is never-ending for this exceptional cognac.

Visit Distillerie Tessendier HERE: 

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