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Osom Ayurvedic Spice Water : Hydration for your Body, Mind and Soul!

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Osom Food Co Ltd. is a new family-owned company venture and officially owned by Abheek Patell, but his wife (Yera), daughter (Keya), and son (Rohan) are equally involved in this business. He started it as a way to make the Ayurvedic water of his childhood to be more easily accessible. His mother used to boil it every morning when he was growing up because his mother believed that it will bring good health and well-being, and he wanted the same for his children but he couldn’t find the time. Through not being able to find anything like it in the market, He figured out a way to produce it commercially.

“Currently, they have three flavours of spiced water – Detox, Restore and Calming. He believe there are three pillars by which these products stand out in the market. Firstly, and possibly their shining factor has to be the versatility of them. Due to the simple ingredients, they are easily mixed into recipes such as smoothies and cocktails or warmed up to create a tea. Secondly, they are a fantastic sugar-free option for health-conscious consumers or diabetics. They have recently found out that one of their customer has been recommending them as a post-operative drink to patients who cannot handle regular water straight away. Lastly, they stand out due to the uniqueness of the product itself — there is no other spice-based drink in the market, it’s nice to be one of a kind for the moment.”

Guilt free, healthy hydration for body and mind. 

Enjoy OSOM – a NEW refreshing range of authentic Ayurvedic Spices New Spring Water – loaded with authentic Ayurvedic FAIRTRADE spices supporting calming, detoxifying and restoring benefits and providing holistic hydration for body and mind. Our Great tasting and refreshing range of spiced waters can be drunk chilled, hot or ambient. 

Osom Ayurvedic Spice Water has three flavours they are DETOX RESTORE and CALMING

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Each flavour variant is individually blended with selected herbs and spices using a unique recipe that supports it’s inherent ‘Ayurvedivc’ functional benefits and provides holistic hydration, health and well-being, which is at the core of what they do. OSOM promises NO SUGAR and NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS whatsoever.

OSOM is currently stocked in selected New worlds, 4 square, PakNSave and Fresh Choice stores, in all over 70 supermarkets and convenience stores around New Zealand. Now it’s easy to find your favourite NEW beverage. You’ve got to try it.

Importers and Distributors, what are you waiting for?

Visit Osom Food Co Ltd. HERE:

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