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Melissokomiki Synergasia Kritis : Cretan Exceptional Honey with Special Taste

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The Crete Beekeeping Cooperative, ISO 22000 certified, gathers the best varieties of honey from beekeepers in Crete and the rest of Greece. The honey of the Beekeeping Cooperation of Crete, consists of a unique combination of Greek honeys that bring out the aroma and taste of the rich Greek flora. For the production of the products, the honey is tested under strict quality and safety standards and packaged in a way that does not alter its composition and nutrients to reach the consumer as Mother Nature gave it.

Melissokomiki Synergasia Kritis - Singapore Newspaper

Apart from Greek honey, the Beekeeping Cooperation of Crete offers other products such as: Tahini, Halva, Herbs, Capers, Loukoumia Raisins Nuts. Pastels, Spoon Sweets, Jams.Also since January 2016 “Raisins Sultanina Crete” has been added to our country’s PDO / PGI products list and our plant is the only one in Greece currently certified in September 2017 by the competent national body ELGO – DIMITRA for the preparation and processing of “Raisins Sultanas of Crete”.


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Cretan honey is the result of the rich tradition of Crete. The rich vegetation of Crete combined with the experience and taste of our beekeepers, offer this exceptional honey with special taste.

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