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Swiss Vinegar Manufactory AG : Made by hand, balsamic vinegars are a real treat and a must in every kitchen.

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Swiss Vinegar Manufactory AG is a very special manufactory is located in picturesque Deisswil at the gates of the city of Bern. In the casa di mattoni in 2013, the passionate restaurateurs Franz Derungs and Pascal Rothenbühler created a distinctive product for maximum enjoyment from their vision of a pure, homemade fruit balsamic vinegar. Since then, the in-house manufacture (Swiss Vinegar Manufactory) has created an inspiring range of exquisite quality fruit balsamic vinegars. Top chefs at home and abroad, various delicatessens, as well as confectioners and connoisseurs are equally enthusiastic about Puro Balsamico in five pure fruit flavors.

Swiss Vinegar Manufactory AG passion is pure, pure taste. The ripe fruit thus forms the basis of their fruit balsamic vinegar. 6 to 8 kilograms of fruit are required to produce a single liter. During the first fermentation, the fruit juices are carefully checked so that the optimal alcohol content can be ensured. The fruit wine is then fermented to vinegar in the second fermentation. In a further complex work step, the young vinegars are refined to balsamic vinegar and then expanded in steel tanks.

Balsamic vinegar range includes the following five varieties. All of Swiss Vinegar Manufactory AG balsamic vinegars are pure natural products and are created in elaborate and loving handwork. They do not use any kind of additives. 

Swiss Vinegar Manufactory AG deliberately expand the balsamic vinegar in the steel tank in order to maintain the pure fruit aroma in the balsamic vinegar.

And very recently, Swiss Vinegar Manufactory AG has joined Singapore Taste Awards Competition and won Five GOLD Medal and Three SILVER Medal in this competition:

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Puro Balsamico Apple

Puro Balsamico Pear

Puro Balsamico Cassis

Wine Vinegar Merlot

Wine Vinegar Oeil-de-Perdrix

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Puro Balsamico Cherry

Puro Balsamico Raspberry

Wine Vinegar Chasselas

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