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Henri Mor Extra Virgin Olive Oil : Unique, Elegant and Complex Flavors

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HENRI MOR is a family business that produces and exports Premium EVOO full of sensory attributes, passion and history. With the zeal and affection of their ancestors, they select the best olives of the PDO Les Garrigues under the strictest quality controls and in its optimum moment of maturation to obtain the maximum sensorial quality.

HENRI MOR limited edition EVOOs have unique, elegant and complex flavors. Its sensorial notes come from the innovation in the harvest and milling process, which allow them to obtain the best essence and aromas of the Arbequina. They were selected by several Michelin star Chef to be included in their selection of olive oils and chosen to pair different dishes. Since 2017 to date they have been awarded in twelve international competitions.

Henri Mor only produces EVOOs that are obtained from the cold extraction of olives in a perfect state of ripeness and taking care of each stage of the process. The Extra Virgin is the option for those looking for healthy foods with functional and organoleptically superior attributes. Additionally, they are certified as transgenic free by the American organization Non-GMO Project Verified, thus guaranteeing that it is a 100% natural product.

Recently, Henri Mor Extra Virgin Olive Oil launched its 750 ml Private Reserve and Family Reserve on the Venezuelan market. It is a superior category olive oil obtained by mechanical procedures, without additives or preservatives. It is 100% olive juice. To its gastronomic qualities and exquisite flavor are added the multiple benefits it brings to health.

Henri Mor extra virgin olive oils are made with selected olives and taking care of each stage of the process. They are obtained only through mechanical methods, without using chemical substances. They are extracted cold, this contributes to preserving the vitamin E and the polyphenols (natural antioxidants) present in the fruit. Its freshness and quality naturally provide all the healthy and aromatic components of the olives. It is produced in Spain, in a small Catalan town with a semi-arid Mediterranean climate.

Very recently, Henri Mor SL has joined Singapore Newspaper Taste Awards 2020 and their product ACEITE DE OLIVA VIRGEN EXTRA HENRI MOR ECOLÓGICO won a gold medal in this prestigious competition.

100% ECOLOGICAL extra virgin olive oil

From Organic Farming in Spain (European Union)

Cold Extraction – Early Harvest

Henri Mor organic EVOO is made in mid-October with high quality organic olives. Our farm is a Mountain Olive Grove where we are building a circular economy model. We constantly work on recovering waste. We implement precision agriculture, foliar and tree analysis with special emphasis on water control.

SENSORY CHARACTERISTICS : Green fruitiness with hints of almond, apple and tropical fruit, intense. Fluid, elegant and complex on the nose and in the mouth

PAIRING: Excellent for cooking fish and seafood and promoting exclusive dishes. Ideal to consume raw as a dressing for salads and vegetables. It is perfect for bread and tomato. It is also recommended to make emulsions and prepare delicious ice creams

We invite you to visit his website: www.henri-mor.com and follow their social networks: Instagram @henrimorvzla and on Facebook Henri Mor

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