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Deortegas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil : An intense work, a deep care and respect for the earth

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The Deortegas organic extra virgin olive oils are the fresh and delicate result of a healthy combination of ideas and illusions, an intense work and a deep care and respect for the earth.

The Deortegas family have been farmers for many generations and for the last 30 years have produced entirely organic olives in the traditional non-intensive way. Over 10 years ago we committed to creating their own oil mill and through this have discovered the true essence of their olives.

In 2008 Marcelo Ortega and Rafaela Ortega created their own oil mill with a very clear objective, to produce delicious organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and to cultivate and produce this in the traditional way with the greatest possible respect for the natural environment and inspired by a true love of the olive.

This second generation Deortegas family, are very passionate about this very special family project and motivated by the desire to return to the land. Committed to respectful agriculture they continue caring for the fruit that they have watched grow from small to produce something that they are part of and that also tells Deortegas generation family story.

In 170 hectares of traditionally cultivated, organic land Deortegas family care for 33,000 olive trees of all ages. Spread between three estates (2 unwatered and 1 irrigated) these are all planted in the traditional non-intensive 8×7 metre pattern. In this place, with the incomparable combination of the earth, the sun and the Mediterranean air, they cultivate the four varieties of fruit Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra and Hojiblanca.

And this 2019, ALMAZARA DEORTEGAS / DEORTEGAS ARBEQUINA has joined Singapore Taste Awards and won a gold medal:

DEORTEGAS ARBEQUINA” Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

A delicate and fresh oil; intense green fruit with notes of green almonds, tomato, banana and apple giving medium levels of bitterness and pepper. This oil bursts with surprising nuances and shades of flavour.

We strongly recommend using this oil fresh on salads, rice dishes, soups and sauces where it will bring out the natural flavours of the food while adding a subtle something extra.

Try it in your desserts or cocktails!

Cold pressed. Produced with the greatest respect for the natural environment.

Acidity – 0.1% Oleic Acid.


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