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Samarina Mineral Water : Special Product with Unique Quality

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In 1992, a group of homonymous community members who knew the water quality of their place wanted to make it known to the world. A lot has changed since then. The stock composition, the mechanical equipment, the packaging, the strict hygiene and safety conditions, the continuous quality control.

But all that remains and will remain forever is the unique quality of this truly special product of “Samarina mineral water”.

The plant’s premises, located in the village of SAMARINA, in a lush forest cover 1000sqm. with the latest bottling and packaging machinery and the logistics department of the company is located in Larissa in modern privately owned facilities covering 4000sqm.

SAMARINA company has modern and fully equipped distribution facilities in Grevena and Larissa. The Shipment and delivery is by closed type trucks so that the products are not exposed to the sun and are transported at a safe temperature. 

The existing distribution network covers most of the Greek territory and is constantly expanding to cover every corner of Greece. The company has a distribution network in the following cities, in Greece.

SAMARINA company can guarantee the quality of SAMARINA Natural Mineral Water as they make sure that they comply with all quality control and safety rules so that the water reaches the hands of consumers pure and pure, as it comes from the source.

SAMARINA Natural Mineral Water is ISO 22000: 2005 certified for quality and safety. 

Regular analyzes of water are carried out by the Institute of Geological and Mining Research (IGME) as well as by recognized and certified private laboratories in Thessaly.

SAMARINA Natural Mineral Water has distilled the highest possible distinction in all competitions in which it has participated so far. And won award in European organizations MondeSelection and iTQi are considered to be one of the largest and most reliable rating agencies in the world.

The company has launched a serious effort openness over the past two years with the aim of placing the Natural Mineral Water SAMARINA in important foreign markets.

Participation in internationally recognized rating competitions began in 2017 and continued up to now with impressive results and the greater acceptance of natural Mineral Water SAMARINA.

And this 2019, CREATIVE PROPERTIES INVESTMENTS LTD / SAMARINA Natural Mineral Water has joinedSingapore Taste Awards and won a gold medal:

SAMARINA Natural Mineral Water

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Water (in purifying water), is a substance that is indispensable in all known forms of life on our planet. Humans and animals have 60-70% water in their bodies. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen.

The benefits of water are as follows:

  • In maintaining blood volume.
  • It increases the number of calories our body burns in our daily activities.
  • It eliminates toxins from the body.
  • It can help prevent stomach upset caused by medicines in concentrated form.
  • Moisturizes the skin leaving it smoother, softer and more flexible with less wrinkles.
  • Water also gives the body more energy.
  • It helps to lose weight. (Samarina water is indicated for a diet as it is low in salt and poor in sodium).

Natural mineral water differs from other water (tap, table, etc.) intended for consumption, thanks to its two main characteristics: One is naturally rich in main salts and trace elements beneficial to our health and second, it is pure, since springs Its origins are underground and ensure us that it does not come into contact with polluting agents. However, not all natural mineral waters are the same; they come from different sources and have a different composition in terms of their salts, trace elements and nutrients. This is why they are consumed (or contraindicated), depending on the needs of your organization.

For more information about CREATIVE PROPERTIES INVESTMENTS LTD / SAMARINA Natural Mineral Water please CLICK HERE:

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