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Cottone Natives Olivenoel Extra : The healthy fat from own family business in Sicily

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Since 1965, the family business has been involved in the cultivation and distribution of olives, oranges and almonds in Sicily. Within this tradition, the production of the family’s own olive oil developed over the years . The family farm cultivates ~ 18 hectares of land on which 1700 olive trees claim to be. For some years Cottone has been operating the production of CS olive oil according to ancient tradition, as it was customary in earlier times in Caltabellotta (Sicily).

Since 2009 the family Cottone sells exclusive olive oil from Sicily. It comes from the traditional Azienda Agricola Schittone, where the olive trees can grow in peace and the hand-harvested olive harvest is guaranteed. The special thing is that the olives, although ripe, are still harvested green and thus give the typical taste of Sicilian olive oil. A good location and a fertile soil ensure the high quality of the olives, so that a first-class olive oil can be produced. Only olive oil with a low content of free fatty acids and a particularly good taste may be sold as extra virgin olive oil.The harvest of their olives is done by hand, so that they are harvested gently, without hurting them. Just this approach to the harvest requires a lot of tact. The exact timing of the harvest must be determined, because the degree of ripeness of the olives later determines essentially the quality and quantity of olive oil to be extracted. The separation of branches and leaves is done by hand.

Their olives are driven to the oil mill immediately after the harvest and pressed there. This guarantees you a quality as you are used to the Cottone company.

This 2019, Olio Cottone has joined Singapore Awards 2019 and won a silver medal in this competition:

Cottone – Natives Olivenoel Extra

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

This virgin grade virgin extra virgin olive oil, first class,
owes its quality and its excellent taste to the
olive trees of the variety BiancoLilla which occurs exclusively in Sicily.
The harvested olives are ripe, but still harvested green, which gives the
olive oil the typical Sicilian flavor.

For more information about Olio Cottone please CLICK HERE:

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