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An Amazing Premium Handmade Herbal Tea by Zesty BB

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“Zesty BB, It’s an invitation to get out of your own comfort zone gustative
while remaining grounded to the Essential”. – Barbara and Bruno, founders of ZESTY BB

Zesty BB is an artisanal herbal teas supplier, produced in small batch in Indonesia.  Mission of Zesty BB is to make you discover surprising, stylish and exotics flavours, it’s an invitation to a gustative journey where just a few foodies have been yet.

Zesty BB is very passionate about infused beverage, they maintain a close relationship with their producer, farmer based in Bali to establish a sustainable link that allow them to continually gaze for the dazzling product, to offer us elegant teas made with high quality products.

To design their creations, The founders of ZESTY BB are in close relationship with the Balinese tea producers using their own artisanal production and eco-friendly:

  • ZESTY BB Tea Blend are grown and produced in the fertile soil of Bali. They collaborate directly with the local farmers of the Island, instead of mass production they prefer quality that produce exceptional fruits and plants, full of naturals flavours.
  • As a Tea brand, they maintain a close relationship with their producer, to let them work in harmony between human and nature, to respect the final product.
  • ZESTY BB creation are made from plants and naturals fruits, without additives and preservatives.

ZESTY BB expend its range with four new herbal teas coming from generous lands, that give them the opportunity to look for naturals flavours and eco-friendly farming across the globe.

Very Recently, Zesty BB has joined Singapore Awards 2019 and won 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals in this competition. Here are the list of Teas:

Zesty BB – Handmade Herbal Tea: Herbal Symphony

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

  • Discover a unique blend of Globe Amaranth flowers (tropical purple flower),pandan, lemongrass and spices.
  • The balanced flavour of our tea Herbal Symphony, between roundness and a zest of acidity, remind the luxurious Balinese garden, a breath of fresh air during the warm afternoons spent in the island of Bali.

Zesty BB – Handmade Herbal Tea: Wake-Up Call

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

  • Wake-up Call, our lemongrass, mint herbal tea combines with Gotu Kola, a medicinal herb also called Centella asiatica or “tiger grass”, will provide you an instant freshness.
  •  Your mind will light up and keep you calm.

Zesty BB – Handmade Herbal Tea: Journey to Bali

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

  • MORE THAN JUST A TEA…Their mangosteen herbal tea has the characteristics to be more than just a simple herbal tea.
  • Its own powder form makes it a new cooking ally, it will add a new zest in any of your cooking recipes. You can drink it as a tea or add it in your dishes, desserts and drinks.
  • Several professionals already trust us and have been able to sublimate their dishes and creations thanks to “Journey to Bali“. Our mangosteen herbal tea whith it’s own delicate flavour give a zest of originality to salty and sweet creations, ice cream and pastries …

Zesty BB – Handmade Herbal Tea: Cacao Experience – Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

  • Cacao Experience, our herbal tea with cacao peel, pandan and dry coconut ships. A gourmet and exotic blend will revive your senses for an immediate trip to Bali.
  •  With its own flavour close to vanilla and almond, the pandan leaf balance the warm taste of the cacao peel and dry coconut ships.

Zesty BB – Handmade Herbal Tea: Sapphire – Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

  • Discover our herbal tea Sapphire, a modern version of this traditional Asian drink: the ginger and lemongrass enhance the floral flavour of the blue butterfly pea flowers for a refreshing and dazzling drink.
  • By adding just a dash of lemon the blue natural colour change to purple, which make this tea a tropical dreamlike.

We are proud to surprise ZESTY BB customers and taking them on a journey!


Email  ZESTY BB : sales@zesty-bb.com  / contact@zesty-bb.com

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