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Château d’Etroyes : The most beautiful terroirs of Burgundy

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The Domain of the Castle of Etroyes extends on 50 hectares with Mercurey and Rully among the most beautiful terroirs of Burgundy. It is in the heart of the Chalonnaise coast, 25 km south of Beaune, that we produce our great wines. Among them, 10 hectares are appellation Mercurey 1er Cru, including the renowned Clos l’Évêque, pride of our domain.

The roots of Château d’Etroyes have plunged into the soil of Mercurey since 1720 when the PROTHEAU family began to cultivate vines. From generation to generation the domain has expanded with determination and perfectionism.

In 2018, associates of VisVires, a group of wine-loving individuals with strong wine interests, took control of the estate. They wish to be part of the historical continuity of the family’s work and to continue producing high quality products for traditional circuits in France and for export.

Château d’Etroyes engaged in a process of viticulture reasoned and an approach respectful of the environment, we began a process of certification HVE (High Environmental Value).

Château d’Etroyes desire is to restore the biological activity of soils to promote the exchange capacity between the soil and the plant.

Château d’Etroyes practice mechanical soil work to aerate and force the roots of the vine to fetch the resources deep in the basement. Disbudding and harvesting in green come before the manual harvest in September. A careful selection of the healthiest and ripe bunches is done on foot. A team of sorters in the cellar definitely eliminates any grapes that do not comply with our requirements.

In this way, the Clos l’Évêque winery only arrives at a careful harvest, whose winemaking secrets will make it possible to produce very good wines. The vinification is conducted with the concern to respect the integrity of the harvest. The aging is carried out in oak barrels or in vats for varying periods depending on the wines and the complexities sought. At its end, the bottling is done at the estate.

This 2019, Château d’Etroyes has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirit and Beer Competition and won two gold medal in this competition:


Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

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