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Astobiza Bodega : Unique Txakoli Wines

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Astobiza Bodega wineries are located in the Alava town of Okondo , in the Jandiola neighborhood , on a farm consisting of 10 hectares of own vineyard. The vineyard is located 300 meters above sea level and because of its location between mountains, it is protected from the humidity of the fog and winter frosts, so harmful to our beloved native grape.

The farm has a 100% native grape plantation Ondarrabi zuri and Gros Manseng .


They carry out the collection process manually in small boxes in which we spoil each cluster and our staff selects and separates the best clusters on the table.


The average grape production varies according to years from 4,000 to 6,000 kg per hectare. Quantities not high, if we compare them with the productions of other white grape plantations in the Basque Country.


The elaboration system of our txakolis follow the most avant-garde production methodology and processes of the moment thanks to the most advanced technology: Cold maceration, Inertization, Cold stabilization, Maximum respect for the native grape.


Astobiza Bodega wants to reflect in our txakoli the environment and the climate, together with the character of our native grapes. We produce a dry, fruity txakoli , with color, aroma and without needle.

If you wish to hold a company meeting or a private celebration, our facilities have a personalized service in which we can assemble the arrangement of tables and chairs, as well as the seating area and the menu of the meeting.

This 2019, Astobiza Bodega has joined Singapore Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won four gold medals and a silver medal in this competition. Here are the list of Wines:

Astobiza Dry Gin Vineyard Botanicals

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Astobiza Bodega - Singapore Newspaper

Gin Astobiza buds from a mid springtime dream in 2018. It has been realised here in Northern Ireland for the first time and we are extremely proud at JN Wine to have secured stock from one of Northern Spain’s distilleries of the moment.

Everything Astobiza vinify and distil are from a single estate philosophy. Astobiza forage and find juniper berries that flourish in the Armentia wood and up in the Sierra Salvada overlooking the Ayala Valley. 6 other botanicals come from within the vineayard itself: grapes, flowers, leaves, blackberries, sloes and tendrils from the vines. The Strawberries and citrus fruit are sourced from the Basque country. A grape based spirit is lovingly crafted by the Moonshiners distillery in the Basque country where the magic of distillation and slow flavour infusion occurs. The resulting gin is a true reflection of one verdure area of Northern Spain.

A London Dry Gin in style. A gin with marked character, fresh and citric, balanced and aromatic. Its presence in the mouth presents full and soft with a distinct fresh fruit character tempered by a grassy herbaceous note. A gin with true ‘terroir’ character.

Best enjoy classic; with good tonic and some lemon peel to garnish.

Ayala Valley – Malkoa 2015

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Malkoa is a special txakolí, called estate or payment; Authentic, genuine and with a much longer bottled life to date.

Elaboration: Made with very ripe Ondarrabi Zuri grapes from a plot of our own vineyard and cultivated with an integrated production viticulture, respectful of the environment. This txakolí remained for 20 months in an ovoid concrete tank, where its lees (yeasts) move continuously spontaneously within a space without edges and with the help of the daily thermal oscillation between day and night. During this time, the wine stabilizes itself and gains volume in the mouth, integrating the rest of the components, then going to the bottle with a reducing aging, which completes its refining.

Tasting:  Malkoa shows great complexity, highlighting spicy and balsamic aromas, with dominant citrus tones (grapefruit) and fresh aromatic herbs. With a strong Atlantic character, it has a very long, fresh, powerful and structured mouth, being able to live many years in the bottle.

Astobiza Late Harvest 2016, Izkiriota, Txakoli de Alava, Spain

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

An exceptionally sunny autumn, allowed to mature and harvest a vineyard plot of Izkiriota (Gros Manseng). With this demanding late harvest of intensely golden grains and carefully selected manually, we get this unique sweet wine of marked
Atlantic character .

We also carry out a second table selection, de-stemming and cold maceration before the soft pressing, static racking of the must, fermentation at controlled temperature, inertized, stabilized and microfiltered process.

Tasting notes: It
shows crisp and intense citrus and honey aromas, assembled with a perfect balance in the mouth, and a long finish, full of perfumes and evocative sensations of its place of origin. Get balance the acidity of txakoli with the creamy sweetness of late harvest.

Astobiza 2018, Ondarrabi zuri, Txakoli de Alava, Spain

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

A delicious example of the northern Spanish speciality, txacoli, from the Alava region near Rioja which makes a slightly fuller style of this white. Floral and appley, this is dry, crisp and precise, and a perfect match for shellfish.

For more information please visit ASTOBIZA BODEGA HERE:

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