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Conservas Ana Maria : The best Anchovies and Tuna in Santoña, Cantabria.

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Conservas Ana Maria is a family business that was born in 1996 in the small coastal town of Santoña, Cantabria on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea.

Conservas Ana Maria establishes itself as a model of production of canned fish. Conservas Ana Maria SL has been greatly involved in maintaining a business model in which its products remain artisanal, the mechanization of processes is the minimum and in this way Conservas Ana Maria is able to achieve a product as artisanal as possible and thereby maintain the characteristics at its 100%.


Conservas Ana Maria is  specialized in the manufacturing of anchovies and tuna among a wide variety of other canned sea products such as mussels, cockles,little sardines. This small family business has been gradually growing until these last years. It became the winner of the best anchovy of the cantabrian sea two years in a row (2016/2017). Currently, Conservas Ana Maria maintaining its type of business, it is interested in the sale of its products to both national and international market, the aim is to reach the maximum number of consumers and thus give greater value to the national product and especially to the product of the Cantabrian Sea.

This 2019, Conservas Ana Maria S.L. has joined Singapore Taste Awards and won 3 gold medal and 2 silver medal in this competition:

White tuna in olive oil 212ml

Little sardines in olive oil 280ml

Mussels in Espelette pepper sauce 280ml

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


Anchovies in olive oil 140ml

Mackerel in tomato and espelette pepper sauce 280ml

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper


For more information please visit Conservas Ana Maria HERE:

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