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Ursel Premium Taunus Gin Heritage

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Taunus-Gin GmbH Ursel is a regional product from the Taunus. The gin owes its name to its origin from the idyllic Hochtaunus town of Oberursel. Roland Braza was inspired by his experiences as a hunter and the closeness to nature to the original tart aroma. The top-secret recipe has long been refined to market maturity. Now small batches are made by hand.

In the middle of Germany lies a landscape, the  naturalists Alexander von Humboldt once referred to as the most beautiful low mountain range in the world – the Taunus. He has to know, because he has traveled halfway around the world. From here German premium gin comes with 12 exquisite botanicals, which originate from this wild and original nature. Ursel seduces with her sour charm and also surprises gin connoisseurs with her straightforwardness. An expressive taste experience that is second to none.

Taunus-Gin GmbH have a great demand for their ingredients. As far as possible they use botanicals in organic quality. After all, Ursel Gin is not only inspired by the untouched nature of the Taunus, but comes from it, such as B.a hand-picked Maiwipferl (spruce shoots).

Taunus-Gin GmbH are committed to preserving nature and therefore rely on regionalism, short distances and awareness of nature. Of course, it tastes better because if they want to enjoy this unique gin. That is why every bottle carries this distinction of  special quality claim: Conscious and regional from the Taunus region.



Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The incomparable gin from the Taunus in the Heritage Edition according to the original recipe. Straightforward in the taste with originally sour taste as the nature from which it comes.
500 ml bottle, 47% vol., Hand-made and bottled in Germany.

This premium Taunus Gin owes its unique aroma not only to the juniper but also eleven other handpicked botanicals from the Taunus. In addition to the slightly bitter, ethereal aroma of young spruce shoots, rosemary and elderberry are also included.

Everyone enjoys Ursel gin differently, the tastes are different. But this Ursel is picky – the full aroma unfolds only in combination with the matching Tonic Water.  A little ice and a zest of lemon, done.

For more information please visit Taunus-Gin GmbH HERE:

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