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To adapt to Nutri-Grade, a Singapore beverage company will introduce new low-sugar products

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Local beverage companies are reformulating and developing low-sugar product options in order to avoid potential repercussions as a result of Singapore’s impending introduction of its sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) labeling system Nutri-Grade, including upcycled drinks company Imperfect Drinks.

The Nutri-Grade concept was first proposed by the Singaporean government in 2020. Following multiple setbacks brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is presently planned to be implemented in December 2022.

The Nutri-Grade system will use nutrient labels with four different grades, ranging from lowest to highest in terms of sugar and saturated fat content: “A” (dark green), “B” (light green), “C” (yellow), and “D” (red). For beverages in grades C and D, the front-of-pack label (FoPL) will be required to be used.

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