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Timeless quality of La Scolca’s Wines and Sparkling Wines

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The La Scolca estate was purchased between 1917 and 1919 by the great-grandfather of Giorgio Soldati, the current owner, who runs the company today together with his daughter Chiara Soldati.

Giorgio Soldati and Chiara Soldati continued the product development of the family-owned winery and Giorgio’s creation of successful wines and sparkling wines without ever betraying his loyalty to the land of Gavi and the courteous vine has proved him to be a very valid and whimsical innovative performer. But the most arduous task that has been undertaken, together with the family, has been to maintain the leadership conquered by the company over the years, further strengthening the image and fame of the Scolca with a wholly Piedmontese will and the philosophy of the highest possible quality.

In the late 1950s, the Gavi wine was invented here in La Scolca, it was made from Cortese grapes and it has now become a style model. 

The company manages an area of ​​about 50 hectares of vineyards. On the whole there are about 200 Km of rows, which during each agricultural campaign are traveled from eight to ten times, on foot or by tractor, with planting time of 0.90 to approx. 2.40 meters, the density is of about 4500 vines per hectare. The vineyards are located in the happiest positions of Rovereto and Gavi. Dry sea air, full sun from sunrise to sunset, freshness and brief dew, constitute an alternation of ideal atmospheres for a complete maturation of the grapes, an indispensable premise for a good wine.

The company always adheres to the same principle that the great wine is born from the vineyard, and it is to this that the most careful and scrupulous care must be dedicated in the first place. Important is the clayey soil where the vines grow up to even 60 years of age.

The cold vinification technique allows the maximum respect for the bunch and keeps the grape qualities and 100% of the “aromas precursors” from the moment of pressing until fermentation unaltered.

Furthermore, the plant allows to respect the origin of the grapes coming from different vineyards, of different ages (5-60 years), keeping them separated with a computerized system to control the flow of the musts which keeps fractions and origins separate.

The Scolca continued to focus on Gavi even when it was a white against the current because the characteristics of the typicalness of the native vine were exalted in it. And so, bunch after bunch, a GAVI was obtained that reaches our table still fresh and fruity, refining its exceptional qualities and giving us an “emotion” wine that offers us a complex and unique taste sensation. Carbon dioxide, as well as in the vineyard during the harvesting phases, is used since the first winemaking operations and keeps the must away from oxygen until it begins fermentation.

The winery has an internal analysis laboratory that works to constantly check the grapes before vinification and the quality of the wines at all times of production.

This 2019, La Scolca has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won a gold medal:


Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

This prestigious “Gavi dei Gavi – La Scolca” is obtained with the utmost respect for nature, from pruning to harvesting. With a strict and rigorous selection conducted with the utmost care, cluster by cluster, in vineyards over sixty years of age, we get “unique” grapes.
Then in the winery, under watchful guidance of a master expert, applying the ancient rules of vinification, refined over eighty years of family tradition, an unsurpassed style of Gavi is born, a paragon of reference.
The maximum procurable in quality as manifested by fragrance and flavour of live, intense character, harmonious and balanced, offers a surprising freshness and integrity, Notes of flint, almond and hazelnut will develop in the course of time, which does wonders.

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