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The wonderful essence of Teafields Royal Breakfast Tea

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“It is our responsibility to ensure that every customer experiences
the wonderful essence of this plant.”- Teafields 

Teafields is a British boutique tea company that sources the finest artisan whole leaf teas from around the world. We aim to entice your pallet and satisfy your curiosity by introducing you to our exceptional tea collection.

Teafields has always been to make quality teas more accessible, more relevant and ultimately more personal.

Teafields  care every product from the time those two leaves and a bud have been plucked from the bush, to the time it touches your lips. It is our responsibility to ensure that every customer experiences the wonderful essence of this plant.

Teafields believe that tea in its purest form can only be cherished at source. Taking a leaf out of this theory, they have managed to set up a logistical platform to ensure that the same quality found at a tea garden is delivered to your cup, anywhere in the world.

Teafields collection is an assortment of traditional blends, single origin teas and some wonderful infusions. All have been carefully selected with the single objective of providing the perfect cup of tea. The Teafields collection represents a new era in the relationship that people have with drinking tea.

Very Recently, Teafields Ltd. has joined Singapore Awards 2019 and won a Silver medal:

Teafields Royal Breakfast 15 Teabags

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper


ORIGIN : Assam & Kenya


2.5g / 1 tea bag

temp. 100°c

steep 3-5 minutes

A traditional breakfast blend for those who appreciate a traditional English cup of tea.  The blend combines the fresh taste of Kenyan tea complemented with the briskness of Indian Assam to create an ideal breakfast blend. This brisk smooth tasting blend is excellent with a spot of cream and a spoonful of sugar.

Importers and Distributors looking for the best quality Teas in the world!

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