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The well-named château Montplaisir : A pearl of the southern Rhône

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Certified organic wines and harvested by hand, tasting cellar for receptions, beautiful hotel full of charm built in stone … The Montplaisir estate definitely has assets to seduce ! Discovery of fine wines on a small confidential appellation of the South Rhone.

Located north of Mont Ventoux, on high stony plateaus in the middle of hills, the vineyards of Château MontPlaisir culminate at 500 meters altitude. Whether in red or white, the wines of the estate seduce by their generosity but also by their freshness. So how are these wines produced ? Which appellations, which terroir and which grape variety ? We will explain everything to you !


Vinsobres & Côtes-du-Rhône Village : AOC(s) to follow


Relatively unknown to the general public, AOC Vinsobres covers some 450 hectares and produces only red wines, while AOC Côtes-du-Rhône Village has 7,000 hectares. We are far from the 73,000 hectares of the AOC Côtes-du-Rhône. Here the Mediterranean climate protects the vineyards of the mistral and alpine influences.


Rounded pebbles and Mistral : the winning combo !

The rolled pebbles, typical and mythical soil of the AOC Châteauneuf-du-Pape, conserve the sun’s heat and store it during the day to return it the night. This difference in temperature between day and night, coupled with the positive effects of rounded pebbles on the ripening of the grapes, as well as a cleansing wind, allows to obtain very balanced wines, offering both strength and freshness.

If this cold Mistral wind dries the soil, it also protects the vines against the mushrooms so much feared by the winemakers.


Old vines for deep aromas

The plots of Château MontPlaisir are for some planted since 1945. The old vines have the particularity to produce less but better : they will develop their roots to draw the resources in depth. The clusters will be less numerous than on young vines but the aromas will become more complex.


Traditional grape varieties in their favorite terroir

The wines are mainly made from the typical grape varieties of southern Rhone : Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah for the reds and Viognier, Clairette, Grenache blanc, Roussane, Marsanne and Picpoul, for the whites. Each plot is planted according to its microclimate and its specific exposure. Part of the Grenache and Mourvèdre are oriented northwest and surrounded by wood, to protect the grapes from the sun’s burns, while viogniers and marsannes have feet planted in sandy soils, where these vines feel more comfortable.





Parcel vinification and organic farming : a paying job

The vinification is done by grape variety and by plot, which makes it possible to identify the personality of each wine. Only the wines of guard are passed in wood barrels, the others are put in stainless steel tank in order to keep a good drinkability.

Certified organic, Château MontPlaisir is committed to an environmental approach. The grapes are picked by hand, sorted, then transported to the cellar in small crates so as not to crush the bunches. All these actions have beneficial effects on wines and this requires additional work from producers. The advantages of these quality approaches should be noted.


A varied range and wines of pleasure

Château MontPlaisir produces five wines : 3 red, 1 white and 1 rosé. On the whole the wines are concentrated, fruity, slightly spicy (pepper notes), and velvety. Finally, on the wines intended for the guard, the aging in oak barrels brings vanilla notes which coat the tannins.

  • Cuvée exception : The wine HAUTS GALETS, in AOC Vinsobres, spends more than a year in big oak barrels of 600 liters. The predominance of Grenache gives this wine a remarkable fruitiness as well as a lot of depth and complexity.
  • Cuvées prestige : In white, Côtes du Rhône Villages ÉCLATS develops complex aromas of citrus, white peach and apricot, and also offers a nice roundness in the mouth. While EXPRESSIONS, a red wine in AOC Vinsobres, expresses aromatic freshness and offers a velvety texture. A nice frame, precision and persistence… What else ?!
  • Cuvées plaisir : The MONTPLAISIR cuvées, under the label Vin de France, are, in red as in rosé, everyday wines. One is gourmet and spicy and will accompany your cold meats as well as your red meats, the other will be drunk as an aperitif and also on grilled white meats.

In addition, the estate is sumptuous, built in stone, the propertie has the charm of Provencal houses and offers a beautiful view of the Ardèche and the foothills of the Massif Central. You can stay in this private mansion and enjoy the heated swimming pool while enjoying the fine wines of the estate …

In short, discover an art of living at Château MontPlaisir !


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