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The Castalides range of La Grange winery : great Languedoc wines !

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« That’s where I want to be, that’s where I want to stay ! », these were the words that Mr Freund thought of in 2007 when he visited La Grange for the very first time. Today, thanks to the work that his wife, his team and he have provided for more than ten years, the winery offers high quality wines in AOP Pézenas, all in a sustainable development approach ! What are the keys to such success ? Survey of viticultural land.

A sumptuous location, next to the regional park of Haut Languedoc, in the heart of a wild nature… It was enough for the couple Renate and Rolf Freund (initially distributors of wines in Germany), now converted winemakers. It is this terroir of choice as well as the will to value the Pézenas appellation which inspired them the Castalides range : a collection of three great Languedoc wines ! Discovery…


Secret n ° 1 : a good geographical situation, a terroir of choice

Nestled in the heart of the Hérault, between the Pyrenees and the Cevennes, about thirty kilometers from the sea, the area enjoys a beautiful sunshine but also a distant sea wind and the cool breeze of the Cevennes. The soils are here volcanic which brings to the wine of the structure. At the tasting, we will find these aromas of scrubland (garrigue), rosemary and thyme, typical of the Languedoc wines and landscape, but also the freshness and the tonicity in the wines. This balance is reinforced by a significant temperature difference between day and night, which is here favorable to a good maturation of the vines. In addition, these southern geographical areas are less prey to diseases of the vine : the wind sweeps the mushrooms and the sun dry them. Finally, the wines of Pézenas are generous, expressive, rich, and deep, they offer intense notes of spices and ripe fruit, these are wines of character that appeal to international consumers. In short, it is a land that optimizes the production of quality wines.


Secret n ° 2 : a quality wine work, carried out with respect for the environment

Adherents TERRA VITIS, a French association that promotes biodiversity within the vineyard and a living land, the owners have made the choice of a healthy viticulture. You will be able to see all kinds of birds, butterflies, lizards, ladybugs and plants around the vines. « Tillage is done in the purest respect of the environment : short pruned vines, moderate yields, search for the ideal maturity for each plot, optimization of the varietal / soil relationship, vinification by plots, temperature controlled fermentation and careful breeding in oak barrels are our key assets to succeed. », proudly explains the owners of La Grange winery.

The grapes come from our best and oldest parcels. Some are over 50 years old and can only be harvested by hand.

These « cuvées » come from blends of traditional grape varieties : mourvèdre, syrah and grenache, the three kings of the region, are here in the spotlight. They are complex and very sensual wines, rounded by a long aging in French oak barrels, which softens the tannins.


Secret n° 3 : A shock team

Renate and Rolf Freund bought the winery in 2007, when Pézenas became AOP.

In order to offer the best of this terroir and to work on each plot in order to sublimate the production, they surround themselves with a young, highly qualified technical team, who share their passion and their vision of wine.




The aptly named Mrs Garrigue, deals with the commercial part, Thomas Raynaud, who worked at Lafage vineyard estate, in Roussillon, is responsible for production, while Jean Natoli and Gwenaël Thomas, two renowned Mediterranean oenologists, accompany La Grange in its development.


The result ? A collection of three high-end wines !

Castalides Réserve, a blend of Grenache and Mourvèdre, is a spicy wine with a velvety texture. Ample, it lines the palate and offers notes of vanilla and black fruits.

Castalides Édition, a wine made from a Syrah / Grenache Noir blend and produced in AOP Pézenas, is an elegant and harmonious wine. Here, slightly toasted and peppered aromas complete the palette of Provençal flavors and wild berries. This is the wine that has won the most medals and we believe it is also their best cuvée because the « wood is melted ».

Castalides Icône, also in AOP Pézenas, combines syrah with mourvèdre. This blend gives this wine a very sensual character with aromas of wild herbs softened by greedy notes of blackberries and prunes. 12 months aging in oak barrels.



La Grange set itself the goal of producing great wines and has achieved its bet : medals, prizes, and Parker points (up to 94), have rewarded the work provided on this range Castalides.

We have only one word to add : bravo.


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