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Woodland, the best Sauerland gin, in Germany

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In the last ten years, there has been a real boom in the consumption of gin. Today, under the impulse of young entrepreneurs who are passionate about spirits and eager to embrace this new trend, the phenomenon is gaining momentum ! Recently, Woodland Dry Gin Sauerland, a mountainous and wooded region of northern Germany, has retained all the attention of lovers of this spirit. 

Artisanal, distilled with Sauerland spring water, unfiltered, and super stylish, Woodland is as beautiful as it is good. Discover a product that will be talked about!


Where ?

In the Sauerland, a region renowned for skiing and for its invigorating climate in winter and summer, the soil is made of slate schist, sandstone, limestone and, to the east, volcanic rocks. It is a country of hills, forests and pastures where crystal clear water flows. The Woodland gin is a tribute to this region, it has the same elegance, the same charm as the Sauerland.


Who ?

Till Brauckmann, Olaf Baumeister, Matthias Czech, Gregor Biedrzycki (From left to right).

Till Brauckmann and Matthias Czech, two longtime friends, marketing and communication professionals, join forces to create Woodland. One takes the position of designer and public relations consultant (Till, 46), the other that of creative director (Matthias, 38). They are quickly joined by their childhood friends, a very eclectic team : Olaf Baumeister, chef and gourmet ambassador of North Rhine-Westphalia for the Sauerland region, dr. Moritz Dimde, lawyer, Gregor Biedrzycki, who is behind the printed illustration on bottles. Together they decide to offer the Sauerland the dry gin it deserves : a premium product. After months of research and testing they achieve the desired result : a favorite spot in the gin range.


What ?

It is made from mainly native and very original plants : hand-picked sorrel, aromatic spruces, fresh nettles and dandelion root. These wild herbs give Woodland Sauerland Dry Gin its full identity. A tangy and fresh taste reminiscent of the energy breeze of the mountains and the name of its region of production (in Sauerland there is “sauer”), then, more woody and deep notes that evoke the scents of the forest. It is a gin that reflects its terroir wonderfully and seduces with forgotten flavors, as if each sip allowed us to revisit the past. In short, it is a gin that will delight both connoisseurs of spirits and Sauerland lovers.


How ?

Thanks to the content as you anderstood, but not only : the bottle itself is a delight (to consume with the eyes this time). A beautiful, refurbished pharmacist-type bottle with a beautiful detailed illustration that tells the story of the confessional struggle in the Sauerland : 150 years of bitter fighting at the time when the region was still divided between the Counts of the Mark and the Archdiocese of Cologne. These black and white prints beautifully adorn the inside of the bottle for a guaranteed eye-catcher effect. Totally hypnotic !

Tasting Tip : Olaf Baumeister, culinary ambassador in the Sauerland, recommends to drink it with an Indian Tonic Fever Tree, a thin slice of green apple and a fresh mint leaf to accompany your Woodland gin. It is also perfect as an aperitif, with carefully selected tonics, or as a cocktail.


In addition to their traditional gin, Woodland offers another limited edition product (only 1,000 bottles), Distiller’s Cut. It is 57.15 ° alcohol for a pure gin, with a lot of character, which flatters the palate. It is packed in a wooden box illustrated and numbered by hand. A true ode to gin.


In short, we tip our hat and raise our glass … of Woodland, of course !

Find more informations on the website.

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