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Niemand Dry Gin : or the art to revisit the traditions !

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Gin is in fashion ! Why ? Because it mixes well with spices and herbs, offering a huge range of new flavors that meet the demands of a clientele more and more sophisticated. Niemand Dry Gin knew how to exploit all the potential of this alcohol too long relegated to the rank of second. Discover a gin tonic and full of character !

Sebastian Otto & Torben Paradiek, the two German-born friends who founded Niemand in 2015, give up the usual citrus aromas and prefer a more floral bouquet, twisted by peppery notes. A gin that fits in a modern style, which brings freshness in the flavors as well as in the world of spirits ! Add to that a very nice bottle design in a style as tonic, and there you go : a fresh and original alcohol, several times awarded in the United States and Asia !

From the juniper berry, but not only…

The gin and its traditional bay of juniper is now married with all kinds of plants and spices. Consumers are curious and they like to discover flavors, cocktails, or unpublished recipes. Sebastian Otto & Torben Paradiek understand this well and if the juniper berry does not go away it blends with the other flavors.
Here, the three main aromas are lavender, sandalwood and rosemary. These deeper notes help extend the freshness of the top notes brought by juniper and its citrus scents. Then develop aromas of apple, ginger, cinnamon or vanilla, which brings roundness to this bitter alcohol.


A spirit of modernity combined with craftsmanship

It is in a small distillery in Hanover, the hometown of the creators of Niemand, that this elixir is produced. Fascinated by the different recipes of gin and seeing the potential of this alcohol, the two colleagues, who then held an art gallery in the same city, embark on distillation ! The whole process, from the creation of the brand to the distribution, took place quickly, thanks to the artistic career of the founders of Niemand Dry Gin, which allowed them to design a superb packaging by their own means.

The London Gin they produce symbolizes the quintessence of gin. The term “London” does not express an origin but a style : a distilled gin whith no artificial element (flavor or color) added if not sugar.  Produced in very small quantities (each distillation represents only 104 bottles), it is a rare gin, obtained from ten plants picked by hand and thanks to a traditional distillation process.

A tasting full of punch

The tasting takes you in the Mediterranean, in the heart of the fields of lavender and rosemary, but also in more exotic lands, where grows sandalwood and vanilla… At the end, you’ll find delicate notes of fresh apples and ginger and a touch of rose water, reminiscent of Rooibos tea scents.

A dry gin, aromatically powerful and complex, which will seduce the amateurs ! Probably the best known gin of Hanover.

To serve chilled, with a apple slice and a good tonic.


More informations on their website.


Sincerely yours & daring !

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