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DIONE Ice Cream : Highest Quality Ingredients, Free from Artificial Additives

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DIONE passion for ice cream dates back to 1950 when their family business started developing a recipe that would be rich in flavour, natural and just as importantly – embrace the highest quality ingredients they could get in their hands.
Since nature is the gold standard of beauty, Dione aim to preserve what is natural. An ice cream free from artificial additives, preservatives is not just an option – at DIONE, it’s a must.
Company is operating in accordance with ISO, BRC International Standards. DIONE ice cream has been recognized with a number of international awards given by Michelin-starred Chefs, nutritionists and dietitians.
And very recently, DIONE has joined Singapore Taste Awards Competition and won two GOLD Medal and a SILVER Medal in this competition:

     DIONE vanilla triple berry                                                                         DIONE chocolate crema di nocciole

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper                                                     Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper










DIONE vanilla macchiato

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

DIONE collect milk from grass-fed cows that roam free in pasture and spend less time crowded. Ice cream mass completely free from artificial additives containing E numbers. Ingredient list is short and easy to understand. In search of the best ingredients they make sure they originate from the most renowned places where their taste and quality is represented best worldwide. Unique Belgian Chocolate recipe is a result of close long-term collaboration with the supplier. It’s smooth and crunchy with the exactly right percentage of cocoa solids to create a silky texture. DIONE doesn’t contain any preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, dairy stabilizers and gluten

For more information about DIONE please CLICK HERE:

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