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Special Banana Habanero by MR VIKKIS

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In 2005, Adam started all the recipes from scratch believing they would be unique and hard to copy. He constantly experiments with different ingredients, ideas and types of chillis and Mr Vikkis now has over thirty different products in the range.

Only using the best ingredients that he can find, Adam focuses on creating fresh, delicious and complex tasting products that not only have a serious kick to them but that also deliver on flavour. He loves experimenting with new ideas and some of his experiments have led to amazing recipes, such as the now-famous Banana Habenero which is one of the most popular products.

MR VIKKIS products are made by a family team in Cumbria, they are passionate about Indian food and culture and are self confessed chilli addict and wanted to produce a product that was natural, hand crafted and most importantly fabulous tasting. Everything they tried just didn’t hit the spot, especially fiery Chilli products, which lacked in flavour or just were not hot enough.

This 2019, MR VIKKIS  has joined Singapore Awards 2019 and won a gold medal in this competition:

Banana Habanero

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Mr Vikki’s Hot Banana Habenero is great with curry, chicken and anything spicy. Packed with fresh ginger, bananas and has a kick of Habanero chillies, a ham sandwich will never be the same again!

In Mr Vikkis they love using fresh, inventive ingredients to make their sauces the most delicious chilli products you’ve ever tasted.

It’s not just about the chillis, (although that is of course, important! They use many different types of chilli and different parts of the chilli fruit itself for their recipes) – They constantly experiment with a huge variety of different spices and ingredients to make their sauces that little bit more special and delicious.

All of their product recipes are created in their own kitchen and they constantly experiment to get the right taste and texture.

MR VIKKIS products are mostly vegetarian and vegan friendly and they use fresh local ingredients where possible.

For inspiration and ideas about what you can do with their wonderful sauces go to their ‘recipes and ideas’ page!

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