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Spanish Palate : Great Collection of Spanish wine

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“Spanish palate is a unique collection of wines and wineries, people and personalities, all united under one roof by the love of great Spanish wine.”
After 20 years working in the wine business in Spain, it was time to help great farmers and great producers to breathe life into lesser known rural vineyards across Spain. At the same time, it was time for us to offer our in-depth knowledge and share our passion for Spanish wine with importers and distributors around the world.  Founded in 2016 by British born Nicola Thornton, the team at Spanish Palate look after over 100 wines from 20 regions and export them to 40 countries around the globe.

Spanish Palate is a collection of wines from small, independently owned wineries that want to show their wines to the world. Each display unique, regional character and have a wonderful sense of place. The wines are wines with soul, wines with art, and wines that stir up our emotions. We are excited to share with the world the gems that we have found as we tasted our way across Spain throughout many years. Wines produced by passionate winemakers eternally absorbed by their terroir. The wine making team at Spanish Palate travel around Spain in search of great farmers and unknown regions to develop a range of amazing value wines.

Small wineries with stories and flavors that you fall in love with. Each producer has nurtured nature to bring out the best of their region. Spanish Palate enables these producers to show the fruits of their labor to the world.

Over 90 combined years of experience in the world of wine have enabled us to create this portfolio. With our expertise in Spanish wines and our market focused approach to sales, we aim to offer importers a one stop shop for a unique Spain.

We continue to taste our way around Spain as we continue to search for more hidden gems.
This 2019, Spanish palate has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won three gold medal and two gold medal in this competition. Here are the list of wines:
Awarded Gold by Singapore
Almansa is one of Spain ́s best kept secrets. Its indigenous grape, Garnacha Tintorera, has the unique characteristic of coloured flesh in addition to its red coloured skin. As a result, the grape produces wine of intense colour. Located on the southern flat plains its semi-arid climate together with low fertile soils ensure low yielding vines. The region produces aromatic wines of deep colour with good tannic structure.
Awarded Gold by Singapore
Toro is one of the oldest wine regions in Spain and  is  considered as one of the most premium regions for the production of great red wines. Thanks to its extreme temperatures and dry climate, here the grape Tempranillo,  known locally as Tinta de Toro,  produces full bodied wines with great aromatic complexity and an incredibly intense colour. Some of the oldest vineyards in the world (140 years and older) can be found in this region thanks to its sandy soils that protected the area from the devasting phylloxera plague at the end of the 19th Century. These are also some of the lowest yielding vines in the world!!
Awarded Gold by Singapore
Ruby red in the glass with a medium intense aroma of ripe, warm blackberries, cherries and a little licorice. In taste, the fruit gets a little warmer, and we again find cherries, cherries, licorice and a green, branched note. Quite simple notes. Dry with medium acid and a tummy tuck of yet immature tannin, which scratches slightly in the oral cavity. Along with a relatively high alcohol, it must have some beef to tear into.
Awarded Silver by Singapore
Jumilla is located between the mediterranean coast and the Castilla La Mancha high, flat arid plains and with its semi arid “continental-mediterranean” climate it is the driest wine region in Spain. Monastrell, the star grape, produces wines of intense colour, good structure with rounded tannins and intense fruit flavours (ripe black berry fruits, cherries, strawberries and blackcurrants)
Awarded Silver by Singapore
One of Spains best kept secrets Largely known for its production of deeply colored red wines that were supplied to other regions. Bush vines planted at 3 x 3 m. Organically grown and hand-picked grapes like in the traditional manner. The land is ploughed to keep competing vegetation growing between the vines away. Rainfall is scare in this region, so we need to ensure the vine receives all the water possible as we do not use artificial irrigation. Only natural methods are used.
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