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Società Agricola DRAGA di Miklus Mitja & C. s.s. : Passion in Winemaking, Produce Excellence Wines

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Mitja runs the company with the same fervor and dedication as his predecessors, with his indefatigable parents Anna and Milan, who are linked by their passion and experience from the Miklus family’s generations.

No herbicides are used in the vineyards, which are totally covered in grass and managed with the utmost respect for the environment and, in particular, the consumer.

The property is divided into two plots and stretches surrounding the winery in the nicest sections of the Collio:

  • Draga: The vineyards are planted in the sunniest part at an altitude of 200 meters and have always produced excellent crops.
  • Breg: The vineyards are planted at an altitude of 220 meters and surround the winery. They are also exposed to the sun but beaten by stronger winds, where the most resistant grapes find comfort.

The grape growing methods are “Cappuccina” and “Guyot,” with 4000/6000 plants per hectare. Production is limited to a minimal, ranging from 4000 to 7000 kg per acre, to assure the highest quality grapes. The majority of vineyard work is done by hand, including grape harvesting, crop thinning, and grape selection, in keeping with tradition and, in particular, due to the steep slopes.

“We’ve been seeking to increase attention to the vineyards and grape selection for years, because it’s from the raw material that a high-quality product is formed,” Mitja says.


The vineyards are grassed and managed in an environmentally friendly manner. The wine is presented in a light glass bottle. We benefit from the green energy generated by two photovoltaic systems. Rainwater is collected in a large tank for use in agriculture and machine washing.

Grandfather Franz often said: “If you respect the nature and the land, they will never betray you.”

At Singapore Awards 2021, Società Agricola DRAGA di Miklus Mitja & C. s.s. was honored with a Gold Medal Award. The wines produced by Società Agricola DRAGA di Miklus Mitja & C. s.s. are truly remarkable.

Malvasia Miklus 2017

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Incredible power, 51 year old vines, autochthonous, typical notes of peach, apricot.

To know more about their products please visit their website : https://draga-miklus.com/

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