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Principiano Giuseppe : The fourth generation family winery located in Piedmont.

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Principiano Giuseppe company history has long-standing roots and a strictly family tradition, which has been intertwined for many years with the rows and vines. 

The vineyards have been working for four generations now, since the great-grandfather Giuseppe in the early twentieth century began planting and working the first vines. They were difficult years characterized by two world conflicts, but Giuseppe, flanked by his son Francesco, following the destruction caused by the wars, through great sacrifices, tenacity and stubbornness, continued the cultivation of the vines. 

Francesco in turn transmitted his great passion to his son Giuseppe, who with commitment and dedication managed to expand the boundaries of the company by buying new land, increasing production and improving the quality of the grapes and wines. 

Currently the family company is run by Giuseppe Principiano with his wife Lucia and their son Francesco, that with their experience, in respect of the precious teachings handed down from their ancestors, combined with modern techniques, play with careful care every phase of the production cycle that is followed in the vineyards, up to the work in the cellar.

The Giuseppe Principiano farm is located in Piedmont, in the Langhe, an area rich in traditions, known and appreciated for the scenery of its suggestive landscapes and its great wines, precisely they are in Monforte d’Alba in Località San Giuseppe n. 23.  

The nature and structure of the land, their position, favorable exposure and a suitable climate, are the natural elements that combined with the wise work, rigorously manual, allow the production of great wines such as the highly prized Barolo , Barbera d’Alba , Langhe Nebbiolo and Dolcetto d’Alba

Principiano Giuseppe wine cellar is equipped and has places to allow all the work to be done for the production of our wines, from the maceration of the grapes to the subsequent vinification, aging and aging. There are stainless steel tanks and large casks in Slavonian oak of 25 hectoliters where aging takes place.

Principiano Giuseppe wines are born from the care dedicated to the vineyards, the result of a passion cultivated over time, day by day, vine by vine. 

Respecting the times that nature needs, establishing a deep bond with the earth…

Harmoniously combining the traditions of the past and modern techniques in a perfect union…

This 2019, Principiano Giuseppe has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won 2 gold medal and a silver medal. Here are the wines that won in the competition:

Barolo Boscareto Docg 2013 – 100% Nebbiolo grapes – Langhe (Italy) – 2013

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The Boscareto Barolo is an outstanding longevity and structured wine. 

It has an intensely garnet red color, as is its intense aroma: enveloping, pleasant, which evolves with age in spicy notes of black pepper, truffle and cocoa.
The flavor is decidedly powerful, elegant, alcoholic and over the years it acquires a perfect roundness and length in the mouth. 

The food pairings indicated are with red meat (braised, roasted, grilled, spit-roasted) game, cheese.
The optimal serving temperature is 18 ° C


Langhe Nebbiolo 2016 – 100% Nebbiolo grapes – Langhe (Italy) – 2016

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

This Langhe Nebbiolo is an austere, dry and elegant wine. 

It has a deep ruby color with garnet hues and in its scent the scents of violet, dog rose, aromatic herbs and sweet spices stand out on the nose.
The taste is dry, full-bodied and with a very persistent finish. 

The food combinations recommended are great with meat dishes but also with tasty pasta.
The preferred serving temperature is 18 ° C



Barolo Docg 2013 – 100% Nebbiolo grapes – Langhe (Italy) – 2013

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

This Barolo – strictly DOCG – is a powerful, austere, elegant wine with an intense garnet red color.

Its fragrance in youth reveals fragrant sensations of rose, violet and rhubarb that go with age evolving into spicy notes, pepper, nutmeg and licorice.
The taste is instead warm, full, powerful, balanced and with a persistent finish

The best food pairings are those with red meat (braised, roasted, grilled, spit-roasted), game, cheese.
The recommended serving temperature is 18 ° C.


For more information about the company and their products please visit Principiano Giuseppe HERE:

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