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Pourabucha : Craft Brewed in Singapore, 100% Authentic and Organic

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My name is Usarin and I started this brand with my husband who is a tea connoisseur. Fascinated by nature’s natural gift, I learnt how to brew and experimented for the past 3 years. Tested over 100 recipes until now. I drink kombucha to substitute wine ,coffee and more. Kombucha has changed our lives and it will change yours! – Ms. Usarin Ng

Pourabucha began as a creative solution to the fact that we do not take care of ourselves… enough.

You cannot serve from an empty vessel. To effectively ‘pour’ into others means we need to take time to ‘pour’ into ourselves first. At any time of the day, you can show self-care by pouring a cup of bucha.

Here are the 3As Pourabucha represents:

\ Alternative: Our kombucha is an alternative to that daily coffee for caffeine addicts, that daily Coke for those addicted to sweet soft drinks, that glass of wine or beer in the evenings for those who crave alcohol. It energises you in a more wholesome way than most other beverages you know. Taste it and be convinced.

\ Authentic: Rest (and gulp) assured that our kombucha is made with the greatest of care taken to source high-quality ingredients, such as biodynamically-grown high-mountain tea and organic cane sugar. We taste every batch we make to ensure that it is to our satisfaction; the brewer must drink his/her own beverage. Traditional kombucha-brewing methods, matched to the modern palate. Our brew’s goodness is balanced.

We promote the Slow Tea Movement – an alternative to fast food, preserving pre-industrial traditional farming of plants, seeds and livestock, regenerative of the local ecosystem. The goal is that of sustainable foods and promotion of small local businesses.

Using only hand-plucked tea grown in high mountains to brew your kombucha, you can taste the difference in our tea base from the first sip – rich and smooth.

Our teas are manufactured by artisans with time-honoured traditional methods, no CTC (“cut, tear, and curl”) machines are involved as with mass-produced teas. Tea cultivation in our supply chain does not degrade the soil with chemical additives, fertilisers and pesticides and tea leaves are higher-quality.

  1. Only organic cane sugar.
  2. Filtered water from an approved kitchen.
  3. Fresh fruits, flower and herbs.
  4. Brewed with loving hands, respecting as much as possible natural integrity & each ingredient’s character.

\ Awakened: The impetus behind our brand is the realisation that we should treat our bodies with utmost respect because we only have one body. Likewise, we only have one earth. Taking forth the bounty of the earth for ourselves while respecting nature, we awaken ourselves to a heightened sense of oneness with our environment, that we are part of the whole, that we do not take more than we need.

These principles make our kombucha stands out from the rest – the underlying flavour of our kombucha is a balanced tartness, natural sweetness and light fizziness, giving it a taste reminiscent of cider and wine, allowing its pairing with food, but without the excess sugars and alcohol.

We brew kombucha from SFA (Singapore Food Authority) licensed kitchen according to regulations. Hygiene is necessary for delicious but safe kombucha.

Pourabucha is a brand that is increasing in recognition and most recently competed in the Singapore Taste Awards 2021, where it received a GOLD Medal Award:

When in Doubt Chill Out ( Lavender Lemon Kombucha )

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

White tea leaves are processed from the leaves collected from old tea trees which grow naturally at very high altitudes in China. Lavender and lemon complement the mellow, fruity, nutty and delicate flavours of white tea, making for gentle evening drinking.

Mom would approve ( Passionfruit Vanilla Kombucha )

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The idea of this drink was inspired by a famous martini variant invented in London – the Pornstar Martini – a refreshing passion fruit cocktail made with vanilla vodka. It got really famous thanks to its risqué name. So here we are giving it a twist that’s more innocent than it sounds, a drink your mom would approve.

Interview of Singapore Awards to Ms. Usarin Ng – Owner

Question 1: Do you already distribute in Singapore? If yes, where? If no, what types of distributors are you looking for in Singapore?

Answer : Not yet! I’m waiting for a B2B license to be granted to me and finalised starting October 2021. Currently I have only a B2C licence so all orders are via the website. We are a licensed kombucha brewing startup.

I’m looking for cafes/bars and restaurants that champion home-grown/alternative beverages like my kombucha. Do you know that kombucha can substitute coffee (it has only 10-15 mg of caffeine VS 80 mg with the same volume of liquid), soda (way less in sugar level ) and last but not least, alcohol?

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors? 

Answer: We believe in three As (Alternative, Authentic and Awakened). As such, we do not want to give up on these values as we scale and and our kombucha graces more taste buds. We want our products to excite consumers who did not know kombucha made with ingredients nature intended for us can taste so good.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years?

Answer: We have not yet, but we plan to start exporting in Q2 2022, targeting Southeast Asian countries first. This timeline is not set in stone, and we will be flexible as kombucha is not a mature market even in Singapore.

I’m very excited to share with you how good Kombucha can be. There will be many unique flavours lined up to excite your taste buds and to make sure that you put self-care as a priority. Stay tuned and we will see you on Instagram @pourabucha!

For more information about Pourabucha please CLICK HERE:

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