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Maison Jouffe : Tradition, Modernity and Elegance

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The Jouffe family has been distilling since 1850, passing along their knowledge from father to son. We wanted to keep this family tradition alive since we were proud of our roots and wanted to respect our ancestors. We have naturally connected ourselves to the practice of distillation and the manufacturing of very high quality spirits, which eaux-de-vie we have been moulding for many years, due to our passion of beautiful and unique alcohols.

Jouffe’s well-known line of cognacs continues to grow in popularity and popularity around the world. Original spirits of our forefathers, such as LAMBIG FENICE from Brittany cider brandies and CALVADOS FAUCHEUR from Normandy cider brandies, followed this road.

The ambition to entice our contemporaries with the treasures of our collections, which respect our triptych of Tradition, Modernity, and Elegance, drives us as well.

Laurent Jouffe is the descendant of a long line of distillers. He is a descendent of a family of farmers and distillers who have been traced back to 1850.

Laurent JOUFFE naturally committed himself to the practice of distillation and the manufacturing of very high quality spirits, of which he moulds the eaux-de-vie for many years, in order to honor his heritage and to maintain the family legacy, and lastly for the love of beautiful and rare alcohols.

Laurent JOUFFE Cognacs’ success and reputation are well-known both in France and beyond. Other parallel developments are underway to exercise this aesthetic and aromatic inventiveness, in order to retain this brand as a somewhat confidential nugget in order to control its quality.

Laurent Jouffe, who is proud of his Brittany roots and Normandy ties, has also worked on the rejuvenation of other spirits to liberate their essence and purity… This is the situation with Brittany cider brandies. Calvados, whose labels FAUCHEUR and FENICE are named after his grandparents, should see a resurgence as well.

A new group of spirits collecting nuggets and fragrances is being born ..

Maison Jouffe recently competed in the SINGAPORE WINE & SPIRIT AWARDS 2021, winning TWO GOLD MEDAL AWARDS in this renowned competition:

Laurent Jouffe -Cognac VSOP -4 Years

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Brastis – Pastis – No vintage

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

For more information about Maison Jouffe please visit their website:


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