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Niemand Vodka is distilled in the multiple distillation process of 100% wheat and refined with only a Botanical

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The elegant Gaumenschmeichler from the house of no one is distilled in the multiple distillation process of 100% wheat and refined with only a Botanical.

Sandalwood is one of the most expensive woods in the world and gives even the Nobody Dry Gin a particularly gentle & round aroma.That’s all it takes, because the sandalwood brings the perfect balance between elegant and woody. No one vodka will fascinate you with its beautiful fullness & warmth.

The 8-fold filtration with activated carbon makes it particularly mild and invites to pure enjoyment.

Since 2015, Niemand Dry Gin UG (haftungsbeschränkt) distilled their nobody Dry Gin in a small distillery in Hanover. The extraordinary gin dispenses with the usual citrus note and captivates with its floral, gentle touch, brought about by the 3 elementary botanicals lavender, sandalwood and rosemary. Fine notes of apple, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, vanilla ,? Pine nuts, juniper complete their Nobody.

An excellent gin reminiscent of a summerly walk through the coniferous forest, with floral lavender and sweetish sandalwood aromas immediately pervading the nose, accompanied by hints of vanilla and a slightly woody note, with juniper and sandalwood aromas In the taste and are accented by fresh apple and ginger, Rosemary makes for an extraordinary, flavorful adventure that wants to be experienced pure and with plenty of ice cream.

Niemand Vodka

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Nobody Vodka
Alcohol content: 37,5%
Netto-Weight: 0,5l

Spices for gin and tonic?

Gin Tonic is on everyone’s lips and has been enjoying increasing popularity for some time. Also here, the drink originating in India is the classic for an after-work drink. In order to refine the great taste, we have put together 4 special spices that perfectly refine the gin and tonic. The dried hibiscus flowers, pink peppercorns, green cardamom pods or the blue juniper berries are simply added to the jar. Let something go – cheers!

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