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Millesime Chocolat is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate factory located in the heart of Liège, Belgium.

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Millésime Chocolat is one of the few chocolate factories located in Liège, Belgium, that works directly from cocoa beans: “From the bean to the tablet”, also called “Bean-to-Bar”. We are the only ones to produce exclusively vintage chocolate, from a terroir, a precise geography. Our approach is to work only beans from plantations and terroirs of exception. We do not mix harvests, terroirs or vintages. Our beans come from trees respecting the ancestral genetics of cocoa trees.

Millésime Chocolat is a bean-to-bar craft chocolate workshop, that works directly with cocoa beans. It is one of the few bean-to-bar workshops in Belgium.

Each of their chocolates is exclusive because it bears its vintage and comes from a specific terrain and area! As in the world of wine-making, their main aspiration is to promote natural produce, with flavours that change from one year to the next while keeping the basic characteristics of each region or country.

Very Recently, Millesime Chocolat has jioined Singapore Chocolate Awards and won  4 gold medals and 2 gold medals in this competition:

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Chocolate Peru – Salted butter caramel – 55% milk

Chocolate Colombia 2017 – Almond nougatine – 75% dark

Chocolate Dominican Republic 2017 – hazelnuts – 75% dark

Chocolate India 2017 – 74% dark

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Chocolate Cameroon 2017 – 75% dark

Chocolate Ecuador 2017 – 70% dark


For more information visit Millesime Chocolat HERE:


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