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Köklü Zeytin Zeytin A.S. : A superior quality Ayvalık Köklü Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Köklü Zeytin Zeytin A.S. is a family company, who lived in Midilli until 1922, and settled in Ayvalık from Midilli by exchange. They continued to work as a family profession in Ayvalık. Their olive groves are located in Ayvalık region after the alp mountains in the world, it is fed with the air of Kaz Mountains which has the largest oxygen reserve.

Until 2010, Köklü Zeytin Zeytin A.S. products were marketed wholesale. In 2011, in line with the increasing demand for retail sales, they have created the AYVALIK KÖKLÜ brand because they are the Rooted of Ayvalık.

Under the brand name AYVALIK KÖKLÜ, they offer wholesale and retail products to consumers. It takes 5 months for their olives to be sweetened because they make them with natural methods. They have 3 kinds of black: Ayvalık Seat, Ayvalık Rounding, Gemlik Type Oil Seat and they have 4 kinds of green: Ayvalik Scratch, Ayvalik Crush, Pink Scratch, Domat Crush.

Köklü Zeytin Zeytin A.S. olive oil is one of a kind; Lithography Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Picking process of olives used in olive oil production is done by hand stripping and machines. “EARLY HARVEST” and the same day for the tightening process is performed.

Production Method: Olive is crushed in stone mill and dough is brought and not exceeding 26 C “COLD SPIN” method is obtained by processing oil. Thus, a high quality olive oil is obtained with low acidity, color from yellow to green, pleasant fruity taste. The produced olive oil is stored in cooled stainless steel tanks without contact with light and air. Thus, the freshness does not lose its fruity taste remains as the first day .


Köklü Zeytin Zeytin A.S. customer portfolio is increasing day by day. They also serve their customers without disturbing with regards on quality.

Köklü Zeytin Zeytin A.S. harvest their olives by hand from their branches and we process them with Cold Squeezing Method on the same day, so that we produce a superior quality olive oil that has not lost nutritional values. Our Black and Green Olives are selected from the mature olives of Ayvalık Region and are delivered to your tables 100% Naturally without using any additives.

This 2019 Köklü Zeytin Zeytin A.S. has joined Singapore Newspaper Taste Awards 2019 and won a gold medal in this competition:

Ayvalık Köklü Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Stone Print Olive Oil : Olive oil is crushed in a stone mill and produced without any chemical treatment.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil : In the cold pressing method, the temperature of the water used in the production of olive oil does not exceed 27 ° C. Thus, useful vitamins and minerals are not killed, but less amount of quality olive oil is produced.

Early Harvest Olive Oil : Olive grains are produced from green olives collected before they ripen. The acid content is lower and you can feel the fresh fruit aroma at the highest level.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil : It is a superior quality olive oil obtained by mechanical processing of olives without any chemical treatment. Olive oils whose oleic acid content does not exceed 0.8% are called Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In addition, the quality classification of natural extra virgin olive oils is classified according to production method (stone press, cold press), harvest time of olive (early harvest).

Why Ayvalık Olive Oil : Ayvalık is fed by the air of the Kaz Mountains, which has the largest oxygen reserve in the world after the Alps. Poyraz and lodos winds coming from the sea have positive effects on the development of olives in the branch.

When all these factors are combined, a superior quality olive oil is produced which has a unique fruit aroma which is accepted in the world arena.

Use of : Recommended for consumption in salads and sauces, this oil can be used in all hot dishes. Nutritional value is very high.

Acid Ratio : Less than 0.8

Considerations :  Olive oil can freeze below +5 ° C. Resolving does not affect the quality. Protection from daylight and heat is recommended. The recommended consumption date and batch serial number of our products are printed on the packaging.

For more information visit Köklü Zeytin Zeytin A.S. HERE: 

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