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Global Wine & Food Trade SL : PULPOLOCO brings you great Wines and Sangría´s

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In 2014,Paul Daman created Spanish Story.

In 1998, After Paul Daman marketing studies in the Netherlands He moved to the marvelous city of Madrid, Spain. He created several businesses, always food related and import and export, mainly in Europe.

Paul Daman got his attention with Spanish wine and He became very enthusiastic and interested in Spanish wine. As a consumer, of course, Paul Daman came up some ideas to do something more with Spanish wine.

Paul Daman honest opinion, Spanish wine is among the best in the world. But also marketed in a clearly wrong way, especially in the past. Spain is the most widely planted wine producing nation in the world. But prices are more or less the lowest in the world in general. What went wrong? A lack of export expertise and marketing know how? This is how Paul Daman came up with the brand Spanish Story and a few years later with Pulpoloco.

This 2019, Global Wine & Food Trade SL has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won a Silver medal in this competition:

Pulpoloco Sangria Red

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

PULPOLOCO brings you great Wines and Sangría´s

The ´crazy octopus´ is ready to conquer the world with it´s fun & easy image and great quality

Pulpo Loco Red is an harmonious red wine, elegant and balanced. It expresses the clearness of its quality, grounded on grapevines over 30 years old.

Fermenting at 28°C with temperature control. It is macerated over 2 weeks. After obtaining the desired objectives, it is necessary to bleed and pressing.

Serving temperature: 17ºC.

Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol.

For more information about Global Wine & Food Trade SL please CLICK HERE:

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