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Dossenheimer Padres Brau : high-end fruit beers !

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This small German factory located south of Franckort produces excellent “fruit beers”, with a selection of fine hops and exclusively local products fermented among others by champagne yeasts. The result is a beer of high quality, to be enjoyed as an aperitif or to put on gastronomic tables for food and wine pairings as original as good !

Dossenheimer Padres Brau pays particular attention to offering good products with a real taste value. To do this, the brewery chooses noble ingredients and works with passion. An example to copy.


Focus on beer

This alcoholic beverage is obtained by the alcoholic fermentation of a must of plant products such as barley, corn, rice, banana, cassava. If the beer was consumed in antiquity by the Greeks or the Egyptians, it remained for centuries the favorite drink of the northern peoples, Celts and Germans, and it was not until the eighth century to see the brewing of beer develop, especially in Bavaria (Germany).

Today very trendy, fruit beers are nonetheless rare. Indeed, the latter require more work because of the risk of fruit infection. They are generally confused with syrup-based drinks or other additives, but here they are real fruits, whole, in the form of puree or juice that are added to the cooking and fermentation process. Thus the most delicate aromas can be expressed.


Wheatpagner Fabienne

This aperitif beer, made from wheat and white grape juice, and fermented with champagne yeast, offers a fresh and fruity taste, with aromas of passion fruit, grapefruit and gooseberry. It impresses with its balance and fits like a refined beer with a delicious taste and extremely pleasant to drink. Heidelberger Bestmalz’s selected malts provide texture and richness while hops such as Hallertau Blanc, Nelson Sauvin and Mount Hood offer exotic flavors and add character and pep !

Medaled several times (gold medals at the Meininger Craft Beer Awards, the Frankfurt International Trophy and Singapore Competion).


Sauvage Maltwine

This high-end beer can be enjoyed on fine meals. Rich in alcohol (10,75 °), fermented with wild yeast, red grapes and sour cherries, this beer is then perfumed with various spices : Chinese cinnamon, vanilla wood and cherry.

It is a complex beer with an extremely refreshing acidity for an invigorating effect. The nose is very powerful, the notes of cinnamon mingle with those of caramel, cream, vanilla and blackcurrant. The finish is warm and unctuous.

Wild Maltwine goes very well with game or some cheeses.

Also highly rewarded (gold medals at the Meininger Craft Beer Awards, the Frankfurt International Trophy and Singapore Competion), this beer is appealing both for its originality and quality !


I have only three words to add : Vielen dank ! (Thank’s a lot)


More information on their website

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