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The Alpinist Single Cask Premium Rums : When pirate’s alcohol reaches peaks !

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Rum coming from three Caribbean countries, distilled with water from the Alps and aged 8 years in barrels of French wines ? Yes, it’s possible, and it’s delicious ! Discover three extraordinary cuvées for a superb premium collection.

Between the tropics and the Alps, there is only one step ! The proof : the rums produced by The Alpinist. Aged in cask of jurançon, banyuls or in white oak barrels, these spirits have the distinction of being distilled with a very pure and fresh water of the highest glacier of the Alps. A great idea from Stephan Marti, food innovator and owner of The Alpinist, widely rewarded at the tasting !


Pure water for an exceptional alcohol

As everyone knows, the quality of water is one of the most important factors in producing quality alcohol. It is a sinéquanone condition to make high-end spirits. The Alpinist has understood this because it is in the heart of the Alps, in Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world located between Switzerland and Austria, that its distillery is located. The soul of this collection of rums has its source in the use of water from Aletsch, the largest glacier in the Alps. The water is exceptionally “sweet”, it contains almost no dissolved minerals, which has an obvious impact on taste. It is these waters of cold springs that give this rum all its charm and taste eminently suave.


Three rums, three barrels & three aromatic profiles for one unique collection









The rum, alcohol prized by sailors, seduces with its exotic and tropical fruit aromas. Here, rum maturation is done in Single Cask, which gives this collection all its particularity. The three types of casks selected will offer three distinct aromatics profiles :

  • The premium rum aged in Jurançon cask, offers wonderful flavors from the south : dried fruits, fresh figs and spices, reminiscent of a sweet porto, but also flavors of banana and coconut, with a deep and persistent finish.
  • The premium rum aged in Banyuls barrels will be long and round in the mouth, caressing the palate, with flavors of ripe fruit, honey, creamy caramel, pear, or bitter chocolate. Unquestionably the most greedy and unctuous rum of the collection.
  • The premium rum aged in white oak barrels is more neutral, offering elegant and clear flavors, slightly toasted, with aromas of coconut, vanilla or nougat.

These Rare Blend rums, are done without caramel coloring added and without cold filtration. As natural as possible, aged for eight years, they are as greedy as fine… For luxury pirates only !


Three countries of origin for an alcohol well balanced

Coming from three different countries, the Single Cask of the Alpinist, keeps the freshness while leaving the characteristic aromas of the Caribbean express themselves. To do this, it combines the complementary qualities of Dominican Republic, wich produces rum from molasses, distillates known to be light, sweet, very round, Nicaragua, full-bodied, powerful, and textured rum, with aromas of nuts and intense cocoa, and Panama rum, with its aromas of caramel and vanilla.


4 tips from the Alpinist house for rum tasting

1. Use a curved glass, narrower up (tasting glass), which preserves the aroma longer.
2. Serve at room temperature, this is ideal (the cold freezes the flavors).
3. Dilute with few drops of fresh water to feel maximum the flavors.
4. Savor it, sip by sip.


The alpinist also produces a signature gin, recommended by Marco Büchel, ski star, and a rare blend rum. One is full of high mountain aromatic plants, as well as the traditional London Dry ingredients : lemon and enough juniper to know you’re drinking gin ! The other is an aromatic rum, to be tasted as pure as in cocktails… Yummy.


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