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Cinciano : Chianti Classico has his house

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If the Cinciano estate produces wines in Tuscan IGP, it is on the very famous Chianti appellation that the winery offers the most diversified range : from chianti of every day to that of great occasions, while passing by Chianti to drink with good friends, Cinciano knew how to exploit the varietal of preference of Tuscany : Sangiovese, and to reveal all its richness and nuances.

Cinciano is an ancient village located in the heart of Chianti, in a landscape of breathtaking beauty. Here they produce a famous Italian wine, Chianti Classico. Discovery of an appellation and a renowned terroir !


The grape variety

In the specifications of the appellations Chianti and Chianti Classico, the Sangiovese is obligatory and it must be largely majority. At Cinciano, Chiantis are produced in single varietal : 100% sangiovese ! This induces rigorous work because, if the wine is not “good”, they can not rectify the shot by assembling it with juices from other grape varieties. In addition, depending on his exposure, the age of the vine, the way the winegrower works, etc., it will reveal different facets of his personality. Thus Sangiovese can be racy, firm and robust, as it can be more tender and delicate when the aromas will be more patinated…



The type of soil will also influence the style of the wine : the DOCG Chianti Classico includes a part of the provinces between Florence and Siena, so it concerns various soils that will each have a singular impact on the wine.








Ditto for winemaking processes that will also play an important role on the taste and structure of the wine. For example, the Reserve typology involves an aging of at least two years, including a minimum of 3 months of bottle aging, while the mention Gran Selezione, introduced in February 2014, requires 30 months of aging. In both cases the Chianti Classico will develop more complex and deep aromas and will be more apt to be kept.


The range Chianti Cassico de Cinciano : 3 styles of wine for a single grape variety

  • The must : Chianti Classico DOCG

To obtain the best quality of grapes the harvest of Sangiovese grapes is always done by hand at the Cinciano estate. Here the vines are located 250 – 350 meters above sea level, on a soil of calcareous clay. This cuvée offers a wine of character, which has ripe aromas while maintaining a beautiful freshness. Ruby color, aromas of red fruits and light tannins for a warm and balanced finish on the palate.

Drink with good red meat or traditional spaghetti bolognese, or with chocolate desserts.

  • The big one : Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG

Like Chianti Classico, the grapes are picked by hand in the old vineyards of Camponi and Lunghe, and the vines are planted at altitude (300 meters above sea level). The difference lies mainly in the aging that lasts two years and that brings the wine deeper aromas. Purple color and aromas of candied fruit and black cherry, slightly spicy pepper notes. It is an intense, persistent and delicate wine. To decant before consumption, especially in its youth, and to drink with a carpaccio of beef or an osso bucco.

  • The magnificent : Chianti Classico Grand Selection

For this vintage the best grapes are selected and a very long aging allows to soften the tannins and refine the aromas ! Here, the color is intense ruby and the aromas of red fruits and spices are subtle, delicate and complex. The wine is velvety texture, it envelops the palate.

Drink with roasted meat and decant about two hours before serving.


Cinciano is also all the charm of Tuscany and a art of living !

You can stay on site, in one of the many villas and houses that offers the area, you wake up in this beautiful medieval village, in the heart of a lush garden, enjoy the gastronomic delights of the region, as the very tasty olive oil local, while enjoying the pool to refresh you between two tastings. Finally, the places lend themselves perfectly to the organization of private events.


In short, we would be wrong to deprive ourselves !


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