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Bottelo: Bags for Wine and Oil

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Beatriz Hernandez de Azcarate is a designer and creator of Bottelo and the founder of Smartbag, SL. 

Legal training, and creativity and vitalist spirit led her to work in a different fields and she decided to carry out Bottelo project.

In 1986, as a result of her motorhome trips through the Wineries of various European countries. She came up with the idea of ​​giving a solution to the problem of transporting bottles avoiding the disasters caused by wine when it broke. The bottle Relating her knowledge of watertight nautical macutos with the world of wine. She designed the future Bottelo bag in her head.

Smartbag, S.L. was born to design, manufacture and market hermetic bags and containers , specific to travel with wine in luggage and thus cover a need that was already beginning to be felt in the world of Spanish packaging.

Bottelo concept Bottelo is a cover for bottles , bags for wine or oil, made of transparent PVC or colored patent leather and bubbles inside. Its reusable closure consists of four topped folds, or by a button, or by a ribbon with pin. It can be presented in various shapes and sizes to best suit the needs of a clients.

Smartbag, S, L is the official distributor of Wineskin in Spain.

In 2012, when Bottelo’s design was outlined as a sealed bag with a reusable closure, they contacted the American company From The Source, owner of the Wineskin bags , an American product that was already marketed worldwide.

Wineskin is a bottle-shaped bag made of Transparent PVC with bubbles inside. Its closure, single use, consists of two 3M adhesive tapes. One interior and one exterior. The closure of the bag has been improved giving greater security to the product. Once the first band is glued from the ends to the center, the outer protective tape is removed and folded along the dotted line to the STICK SEAL HERE symbol.

Both Wineskin and Bottelo are complementary packages that generate important synergies from a commercial point of view. Today, they have earned the trust of From The Source and also distribute in Italy and in any other country that does not have its own official distributor.

Travel safely with wine and oil, because Bottelo & Wineskin protect your experience!

Visit Bottelo HERE:


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