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BlueMagpie Tea Social Enterprise Co. Ltd. : Taiwan Finest Tea, A Good Tea Made with Solar Terms

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The blue tea team and the editor of the New Taipei Agricultural Solar Panel, through a year-round fixed tea plantation contract, recorded environmentally friendly field farming. The catchment area without pesticides is the home of all things ecology. Taiwan Bluebird, choose your tea.

They promote Taiwan’s blue lotus tea in Pinglin. It is a family-based agriculture that organizes individual tea farmers from the region to recover from the watershed to become a local brand. Taiwan blue lotus tea, through the planning of the pesticide-free catchment area, let the villagers in Pinglin Mountain become the guardian of Lishan; the catchment area without pesticides is the home of all things ecology. The action of the ecological village requires your stand by.

“Dr. Shihu’s mother, Dr. Chen Meiting, has long been involved in the conservation of Shihu, and Maple’s Nest is the place where the first Shihu field study was produced.

Maple nest stone tiger rice is a group of local maple tree residents who produce agricultural products in a non-toxic, pesticide-free and friendly manner. We hope to integrate the concept of conservation of Shihu into the community, activate the community, and find a balance between the ecology and the economy of the community. 

This 2019, BlueMagpie Tea Social Enterprise Co. Ltd. has joined Singapore Newspaper Taste Awards 2019 and won a Gold Medal in this competition.

Taiwan BlueMagpie Tea Leaf

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

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