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Biodynamics lovers equal excellent winemakers !

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If the concept of biodynamics (dynamisation of life), seems relatively esoteric and abstract, the result on the wines is very tangible and concrete, just as the positive effect of this type of agriculture on the grounds. The domain Ronadelles understood this and is now one of the best ambassadors of this philosophy, for our greatest happiness ! So how does it work ? What are the main benefits of biodynamics cultivation on wines ? We will explain everything to you !

“Quality, singularity and adequacy with the soil”, these are the slogans of Ronadelles. To be in agreement with this mantra, it was necessary to opt for a biodynamic culture. However, this choice is not without consequences because this culture implies more important work than traditional reasoned culture. A commitment therefore engaging for this Spanish vineyard. So what is biodynamic use for ? How is it put in place and especially for what results ? Very spiritual answers with the cellars of Ronadelles !


What is biodynamic?

It is a system of agricultural production whose foundations were laid by Rudolf Steiner, author and philosopher, and which consists in taking into account the influence of lunar and planetary energies and rhythms. If the man is very controversial, his teachings seem to be well founded and effective. And for good reason : it is supposed that Mr Steiner was inspired by forgotten ancestral knowledge (incas in particular), in order to conceive this method of production which is not only in harmony with nature but also perfectly optimized thanks to it.

This system involves working with all kinds of cosmic influences to improve the work of the land and, in this case, the vineyard. More generally, it is a question of restoring and improving the relationship that man has with nature by remembering the formidable powers that elements and plants have.

Our ancestors had learned to listen to the precious advice of nature, they knew the properties of each plant, they knew how the stars and their movements impact the tides, but also the land, the fauna and the flora. So, in order to offer us the wonderful opportunity to relearn all these secrets from these old teachings, Mr. Steiner had the good idea to list them in the book entitled “The Farmers Course”. Biodynamics was born !


Each of our wines is the result of hundreds of decisions made in the vineyard and cellar. Decisions taken by observing the moon and stars, respecting the lunar calendar, the laws of nature and biodynamics because we believe in a sustainable viticulture and respectful of the environment. This way of doing things, the great diversity of soils and the marked and varied character of the terroir, allow us to obtain a fruit of great quality, appreciated and recognized in all our wines, explain Eva Prim, winemaker of Celler Ronadelles since 2008.


What benefits?

In addition to being an excellent guide for farmers, biodynamics has many other advantages :

– it allows to obtain vines in better forms and therefore wines of higher quality : even winemakers who do not believe in biodynamics often observe a positive change when they follow the precepts that this doctrine teaches.

get rid of inputs that pollute the soil : indeed, many farmers claim to be able to do without chemicals thanks to biodynamics.

– it regenerates the earth, which then finds its whole life (we speak of living soils).

– the terroir is thus preserved for future generations.

Produce wines of great quality, with a soul and in the respect of the soil, was for the vineyard estate Ronadelles, the most beautiful gifts !


In concrete terms, how does it work ?

As Jaume Giral, founder of Ronadelles, and Eva Prim, oenologist of the vineyard, explains, biodynamic farming goes much further than organic farming. First in terms of sulfur that is allowed in much smaller quantities, but also and especially for all that concerns viticulture. They follow the biodynamic calendar, use plants, energies, animals, stars, etc., all natural elements to sublimate the wines. Nothing more, nothing less !

It takes a lot of work because the rules are plural and complex (working hours of the vine, preparation of plants, day reserved for roots, fruits, flowers or leaves), all under names just as special : preparation 500, 501, etc. You will find more details in specialized books but the result is totally positive ! As well for the land as the animals or the men. So why not ?


Focus on Ronadelles

Located in Priorat, west of Tarragona, these vineyards of Catalonia produce, among others, wines in DOQ Priorat or DO Montsant. The vineyards stretch out between the Mediterranean Sea and the homonymous massif and enjoy diverse environments formed of a wide variety of soils and reliefs. This allows them to develop different types of wine in order to highlight the unique character of each agricultural parcel. Their wines have the intrinsic character of their land, their climate, and their honorable way of working the land.


Different types of soil = Different types of wine


For great evenings : « Vins i llegendes », made under the DOQ Priorat, is the wine that represents the purest expression of the “terroir” of the Priorat vineyards. It is a true tribute to this land full of light and energy. This wine is available under four different labels, all illustrated by hand !




With friends : “Giral Vinyes Velles”, made from grapes of excellent quality from 60 to 90 years old vines, in this range, the wines are creamy, powerful and elegant and slightly wild … They have enough to satisfy the most demanding palates.






Every day : « Cap de Ruc », range L’Essència del Montsant, lively and expressive wines dominated by the DO Montsant, but also cavas, sweet wines, etc., or “Selecció”, unique and original wines that are distinguished by their elegance and sensuality. They all present a modern and attractive style in the mouth, characterized by very soft tannins. Aging in American oak barrels.



Find them on their website or on Instagram


In short, I have only three words to add : Long live to Ronadelles & biodynamics !



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